Line of Business

In accordance with Decree of Minister of SOE as GMS dated November 24, 2016 on Changes to the Articles of Association of PT Pertamina (Persero) as stated in Notary Deed No. 27 dated December 19, 2016, the Company’s business activities are business activities in the field of energy operation organization, such as oil and gas, new and renewable energy, as well as other activities relevant to or supports business activities in energy sector, such as oil and gas, new and renewable energy optimization on the resources owned by the Company.

Based on the Articles of Association, the Company may carry out main business, among others to carry out:

  1. Oil and gas exploration;
  2. Oil and gas exploitation;
  3. Activities in electric energy sector including but not limited to exploration and exploitation of geothermal, geothermal power plan, gas fired power plant and electric energy generated by Company;
  4. Refinery activities producing fuel, special fuels, non-fuel, petrochemicals, diesel fuel, liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied gas (GTL) and intermediate products;
  5. Biofuel material supply, processing, transportation, storage and commercial activities;
  6. Transportation activities covering the activities of transporting crude oil, natural gas, fuel, fuel gas, and/or other products for commercial purposes;
  7. Storage activities covering the activities of receiving, collecting, and stroring, and releasing of crude oil, fuel, fuel gas, and / or other products for commercial purposes;
  8. Commercial activities covering the activities of purchasing, selling, exporting, importing of crude oil, fuel, fuel gas, and / or other products, and distributing natural gas through pipelines including commercial electricity generated by the Company;
  9. Activities for developing, exploring, producing and trading new and renewable energy, Coal Bed Methane (CBM), Liquid Coal, Gassified coal, shale gas, shale oil, Vegetable Fuels, solar energy, wind energy, and biomass.


In addition to the main business activities as mentioned here in above, Company can carry out business activities for optimization of the resource utilization owned for:

  1. Trading house, real estate, warehousing, tourism, sport and recreation, rest area, hospital, education, research, telecommunication infrastructure, rental service and operation of facilities and infrastructures owned by company, toll road and mall;
  2. Operation of special economic area;
  3. Operation of Industrial area;
  4. Business activities in order to carry out other business activities which support and related to the main business activities.
    1. Upstream Sector: Pertamina’s upstream sector’s activities include exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas. Other business activities in this sector are upstream technology services, drilling services, well maintenance services, development of geothermal energy and coal bed methane (CBM) and shale gas.
    2. Refinery Sector: In this sector, Pertamina carries out business activities in the country which include refinery and petrochemical refinery management.
    3. Gas and New Renewable Energy Sector: In Gas and New Renewable Energy Sector (GEBT), Pertamina has conducted a variety of research and approaches related to the renewable energy development for power generation and unconventional bio-fuels, including to conduct feasibility studies for biogas power plants and solar power plants, and the development of bio-fuels in the form of green diesel and bio LNG. The sector is also in charge of gas infrastructure projects such as construction of LNG regasification facilities, gas pipelines, and gas refueling stations.
    4. Marketing Sector: In marketing sector, Pertamina carries out marketing, trading and distribution of a number of products such as fuel, lubricants, LPG, petrochemical products and other non-fuel products to domestic and overseas markets.
    5. Refinery and Petrochemical Mega Project Sector: The refinery and petrochemical mega project sector provides support to the refinery business sector through the increase in refinery capabilities and competitiveness.

Source: Annual Report Pertamina 2018