Investment Planning and Risk Management

In Investment Planning and Risk Management sector, Pertamina carries out developing strategies and business plan for the company to become a reference for short, medium and long term work goals, also along with reviewing and evaluating investment plans and the company's business portfolio in accordance with business principles and risk management in supporting the competitiveness and the company’s business sustainability.

On the other hand, PIMR sector fulfills developing engineering and technology through research that is integrated with the business master plan to support competitiveness and the company’s business sustainability, and Managing Quality, System, Knowledge & Integrated Loss Management to support the company's operations and efficiency.

In order to support company’s mission in new and renewable energy sector, PIMR also managing, optimizing and developing the gas, power and New & Renewable Energy (NRE) businesses in an integrated manner through market development and accelerating the commercialization of the NRE business in supporting the company's business sustainability.