Corporate Marketing

In marketing sector, Pertamina carries out marketing, trading and distribution of a number of products such as fuel, lubricants, LPG, petrochemical products and other non-fuel products to domestic and overseas markets.

Pertamina runs its business in two segments that have very different characteristics, namely the retail segment and the corporate segment. Therefore, Pertamina products are marketed through two main functions, namely Retail Marketing and Corporate Marketing.

Corporate Marketing sells fuel products in various industrial sectors, aviation, and shipping, and other non-fuel products such as asphalt and petrochemicals for the industrial sector.

Corporate Marketing supported by reliable infrastructure ranging from Fuel tank trucks, skid tanks, depots, ports and ships. Thus, energy is distributed throughout Indonesia smoothly.



Fuel for Industry
Fuel for Marine/Ship
Fuel for Aviation Avtur
Non Fuel Products Industrial lubricants

Source: Annual Report Pertamina 2018