Based on Indonesia’s Gas Balance 2016-2035 the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, in taking into account all the potential of Indonesia’s natural gas supply, has stated that contracted demand and committed demand on gas can be fulfilled until 2021, so that the import option can begin in 2022.

Pertamina has explored longterm LNG trading agreements with several domestic and global suppliers of LNG including ENI, Chevron, Cheniere Corpus Christi, Total, Woodside Energy Trading and Exxon Mobil as well as some other potential suppliers of LNG.

Pertamina remains committed to increasing the renewable energy portion pursuant to the national EBT target of 23% as stated in the National Energy Mix in the 2025 Plan.

  1. Project Development
    • Accomplishment of Gresik-PT Petrokimia Gresik (PKG) looping open access pipeline segment construction in East Java with 12 inch in diameter and 3.6 km in length with maximum capacity of 100 MMSCFD.
    • Accomplishmet of 8 km Semare open access pipeline construction in East Java with 16 inch in diameter and maximum capacity of 100 MMSCFD.
    • Signing of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between PLN and Pertamina-Marubeni Corporation-Sojitz Corporation consortium, the integrated FSRU – gas power plant project.

  2. Performance
    • LNG sales achieved 710.5 million MMBTU
    • LPG sales achieved 243.8 thousand MTon
    • Gas trading achieved 46.8 thousand BBTU

  3. Gas Infrastructure