Implementation Procedures
Pertamina assesses the implementation of GCG based on the Regulation of the Minister of SOE. PER 01/MBU/2011 dated 1st August 2011, regarding the Implementation of Good Corporate Governance in SOEs.

Parties and Criteria Used to Conduct Assessment
The GCG assessment in Pertamina refers to the parameters set forth in the Decree of the Secretary of the Ministry of SOEs. SK-16/S. MBU/2012 dated 6th June 2012, regarding the Indicators/Parameters of Assessment and Evaluation concerning the Implementation of Good Corporate Governance in SOEs. The criteria used includes Commitment to the Implementation of Sustainable Governance; Shareholders and GMS; Board of Commissioners; Board of Directors; Disclosure of Information and Transparency; including various other aspects.

The measurement of GCG performance through the GCG assessment in Pertamina is conducted by an Independent Consultant. In 2017, Pertamina’s GCG performance assessment was conducted by the Financial and Development Supervisory Board (BPKP).

Assessment Results
Pertamina achieved a score of 91% for GCG assessment.