Long Term Contract for Crude Oil, Petroleum Products and LPG Procurement Plan

In order to meet rising Indonesia energy demand and to secure the supply of Crude Oil, Gasoline and LPG for the long run, Pertamina are planning to conduct Long Term 3 – 5 years procurement contract of the mentioned commodities. As for the volume Pertamina are aiming to secure two million barrels per month of Light and Medium grade Crude Oil, six million barrels per month for Gasoline (88 RON & 92 RON) and one hundred eighty thousand Metric Tonnes monthly quantity for LPG.

The Procurement will be conducted by inviting reliable & reputable Oil and Gas companies including Producers, National Oil Companies (NOC), Major Oil Companies (MOC), Refinery Owner, Equity Holder of Refineries or Production Field, and also Offtaker of Crude Oil, Petroleum Products and LPG that have had transaction with Pertamina with proven credibility.

The series of procurement process will start in the Month of March 2020 and begins with series of counterparty selection and followed by further proposal evaluation.