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IFM Region IV In House Training: Effective Communication Skills

September, 04

Complete and precise communicate skill brings amazing effects. Successful communication makes speaker and listener to have the same meaning. The information received is more precisely. Of course the impact of close relationships is also more intertwined.

The importance of having the ability to communicate correctly is emphasized by Paul J Meyer, a personal development expert by stating 'Communication in human relationships - is the key to personal and career success'.

In the marketing field, the ability to communicate is also play an important role in determining success in term of achieving sales target. Successful sales related to the success of communicating the importance of an information, convince consumers till maintain good relationships with consumers for long term cooperation.

In this In-house Training, Function Industrial Fuel Marketing Region IV involves all agents of BBM Industry located in Central Java and DIY, which in this case consists of the owner and sales team. Studying the obstacles faced in the first semester, that communication factor is still play as a "barrier" that brings significant impact especially in maintaining relationships with the customer of BBM Industry, considering one of the purposes of maintaining relationships with customers is to create loyal customers who will impact on increased sales volume. Therefore, the theme raised in this In-House Training is "Effective Communication Skills". The training was delivered by Mr. Anang Supardi a Senior Facilitator from Mark Plus Institute with a total of 33 participants.

Training conducted within 1 day and divided into 4 sessions, that is:

  1. The importance of communication. In this session note that communication is the main thing in service to others.
  2. Identify the four types of communication styles (emotive, reflective, directive and supportive).
  3. How to do assertive communicate to handle customer complaints. This session essentially discusses that the biggest communication problem in connecting with others is when we do not listen to understand, instead we listen to reply. A
  4. Analyze the competitive situation, where adaptability is required in business change and existing environments.

Not to forget that pre-test and post-test was conducted to measure the participants' understanding of this training.

This training was followed by Galadinner at night that presented several performances to entertain the participants. At the end of the series of training activities, IFM Region IV organized the Tour Bike on the following day by involving all participants who joined from the first day of the training. Good synergy between IFM Region IV and the BBM industrial agents is needed to increase sales volume which then impacts on the increase in corporate profits and market share.