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Building Creative Coordination in Pertamina Region IV Synergising IFM with the Related Function

September, 27


The word Synergy is often mentioned, deliberately or not through various moments such as Training and Motivation, Coaching and Counseling, Reinforcement, and even through meeting session.

“We have to reach synergy in order to achieve our targets.”

“Without synergy, how can we achieve (targets).”

That was some statements about the synergy that we often hear in Management meetings. However, the superiority of a synergy to build creative cooperation in business organisation sometimes only stays as discourses  and plans. In other words, still difficult for it to get in to realisation stage.

In an attempt to create business creativity which able to support Region IV’s marketing performance, IFM Marketing Team synergised with Pertagas Niaga Marketing Team which is a subsidiary to Pertamina in order to win the tender, to reach new business opportunity in CNG PT Sarihusada General Mahardika (SGM). The successful synergy between IFM Marketing Team and Pertagas Niaga also becoming something that the whole team should be proud of, as beforehand, the needs of CNG PT SGM are served by Pertamina’s competitor.

Furthermore, good news is also coming from Pati in this Q3 2016. IFM Marketing team also did a synergy with Gasdom and Lubricant Marketing Team to organise a workshop about the introduction of fuels, musicools, and lubricants for fishery industry which targets fishing community in Juwana, Pati, Central Java.

On the workshop, the fishermans who use Pertamina’s fuel daily could utilise its benefit with increasing cooperation in using Pertamina’s fuel. This will escalate the sales target volume of fuels towards fishermans from Pertama and strengthen customer’s loyalty for the business strategy in the future.

This synergy of action is absolutely delightful, considering that the fisherman as businessmen in remote areas have been neglected even tough they have really important role in national economy.