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IFM at a Glance
IFM at a Glance

As the nation's economic locomotive, Pertamina is a state-owned company that carries out integrated business, covering oil, gas, renewable and new energy based on strong commercial principles both nationally and internationally. Pertamina runs its business activities based on the principles of good corporate governance thus it remains highly competitive in the era of globalization.  

Pertamina’s key to success in global competition lies in long-term partnerships that are dedicated to the fulfillment of customer needs, and continuously improve the quality of its products as a solution of providing added value to the customer.  It makes Pertamina's position as a market leader in fulfilling the industrial and marine fuels needs irreplaceable for 58 years.  

Industrial Fuel Marketing (IFM) division is part of the Directorate of Marketing of Pertamina, established to face competition in fuel marketing for Industry and Marine sectors in Indonesia. Led by Vice President of Industrial Fuel Marketing, we will ensure the achievement of the vision, mission and objectives of Industrial Fuel Marketing division. 

Why Pertamina IFM
Why Pertamina IFM

" Providing the best services with professional sales force and supported by reliabletechnical and  safety advisors."

Pertamina industrial & marine fuels have Become a Market Leader in Indonesia over the last 58 Years and has achieved an excellence refinery process, treatment, distribution and supply chain network, Marketing & Comprehensive Services for industrial and marine fuels.

Customer oriented approach makes Pertamina Industrial Fuel Marketing become the largest fuel provider in Indonesia in the Industry and marine sector. A long history in the fuel business at the top tier product level has become the foundation of Pertamina in developing human resources, corporate culture, business processes, production facilities and distribution networks that make Pertamina a Global Company. 

Working together with Pertamina provide more benefits compared to other companies, because Pertamina offers the best quality products & services, security of supply, professional sales force, reliable technical support and safety advisors in order to provide comprehensive solutions to customers.

 Our strength in Network Distribution & Logistics throughout Indonesia as well as our customize service such as Commercial Term, transaction option (Loco, Franco, C&F) and advanced services such as Vendor Held Stock (VHS) or FML (Fuel Management System) play an Important Role to Adding Value and fulfill customer’s expectation of who expects smooth and troublefree operational activities.

What We Do
What We Do

All Industrial Sector Customers of Pertamina can purchase fuel not only directly to Pertamina but also indirectly from Pertamina’s fuel dealers across Indonesia regions. For potential and loyal customers who purchase a large amount of fuel, Pertamina commits providing Customer Value Preposition to improve efficiency for customers, such as Commercial Term, Fuel Management System, Vendor Held Stock (VHS), Franco and many more. Customer Value Preposition has been implemented to customers among others PT Adaro Indonesia, PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara, PT Pamapersada Nusantara, PT Total E&P, PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia, PT Timah, PT Aneka Tambang and many more.


Marine Sector Customers can also purchase fuels directly to Pertamina and indirectly from Pertamina’s fuel dealers, which are Bunker Agents that already acquired Pertamina Way Bunker standard. Pertamina also has experience in conducting bunker ship to ship for LNG vessels, VLCC and VLGC for MFO 380, MFO 180 and MGO products.


Pertamina has cooperation with a number of renowned banks, namely Bank Mandiri, BNI, BRI, BCA, Citibank and Bukopin, and connected with online system which enables customers to do fuel purchasing and transactions by using i-banking. It facilitates the customers in purchasing fuels from Pertamina.


Pertamina guarantees the fuel products quality that complies with Directorate General of Oil and Gas specifications and rigidly tested in laboratory before delivered to customers. Laboratory testing can be conducted in almost all Pertamina’s Fuel Terminals as most of terminals already have fuel short test facilities.


Pertamina guarantees fuel security of supply for all Pertamina’s Fuel Terminals with wide range distribution network across Indonesia regions, and supported by reliable supply chain management. Some Main Fuel Terminals, such as Plumpang Fuel Terminal, Cikampek Fuel Terminal and Surabaya Facility, has been implementing Automatic System to manage all activities from fuel tank vehicle enters the terminal, fuel refill process to fuel tank vehicle departs the terminal. By using the automatic system, all activities are monitored from Control Room and enable the customers check the accuracy of fuel volume in the fuel tank vehicle, elapsed time of fuel refill and time of departure.

Vision & Mission
Vision & Mission

To be a world-class industrial and marine fuel marketing business unit


To be the best partner for industrial and marine fuel customers

Culture & Values
Culture & Values

Professional management, avoids vested-interest, excels trust and integrity, upholds good corporate governance principles.


Customer care oriented and highly committed to provide the best services for customers.


Competes both regionally and internationally, boosts growth through investment, promotes cost awareness culture and performance oriented.


Creates added value with commercial orientation, decide strategic business plans based on healthy business principles.


Actively involved in national economic development, to be a pioneer in stateowned enterprise (SOE) reformation initiative, and build state pride.


Managed by professional, talented, technically competent leaders and employers with strong commitment in nurturing research and development (R&D) capabilities.