Channeling agencies there were around 6,800 outlets by the end of 2017, namely:

  • > 300 AMT channeling agencies
  • > 6,500 channeling institutions.

Currently around 5,500 regular SPBUs have entered the selection process to obtain Pasti Pas certification, which until December 2017 more than 4,700 SPBUs have been Pasti Pas certified.

Pertamina is currently developing the Pasti Prima gas station, which is located in urban areas with a lifestyle concept. There were as many as 7 (seven) units of Pasti Prima gas stations oerating in the Greater Jakarta area, by the end of 2017, and around 90 Pasti Prima gas stations located throughout Indonesia. On the island of Java and Bali there are as many as 80 SPBU Pasti Prima gas stations, on the island of Sumatra as many as 7 Pasti Prima gas stations, and 1 Pasti Prima gas station on the island of Sulawesi in the city of Makassar.

In addition to marketing retail fuel, Pertamina also markets fuel to the industrial and marine sectors on a large scale. Pertamina has more than 4,000 consumers throughout Indonesia.

In Marine fuel marketing, Pertamina markets Fuel Oil with a focus on developing a network of fuel sales services at each of Indonesia’s vital ports.

In addition to retail, industrial and marine fuel, Pertamina has a business covering aviation fuel service demands, both A-1 jet products and aviation gasoline.

Until end of 2017, the Pertamina aircraft-refueling network had penetrated Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

On the commercial side, throughout 2017 Pertamina actively took part in biddings for the provision of fuel for filling in various airports in the world as well as working with local fuel suppliers through reseller agreements.

In addition to marketing fuel, Pertamina also serves the domestic population in the fulfillment of the demand for LPG for household, commercial, and industrial fuel.

2017 Performance

Pertamina has succeeded in boosting petrochemical sales by 30% as compared to 2016. This achievement is attributable to the successful trading of Asphalt, Granular Sulfur, Paraxylene, Slack Wax, Wax and Ethyl Acetate products. The volume in contribution of the trade is around 20% of the total Petrochemical trading volume. In the petrochemical sector (bitumen, paraxylene, benzene, and propylene), Pertamina succeeded in acquiring a market share of 44% (September 2017).

For the operation of petroleum product distribution, Pertamina controls losses to achieve maximum profitability. In 2017, the average Supply Discrepancy was 0.16%.