The Community Chooses Quality Fuel, Pertamax Consumption Increase 17%

Jakarta, December 28,  2021 During this year's Christmas Holiday, Pertamina's quality fuel consumption experienced a significant increase in the West Java region. Many people choose to use Pertamina's high-octane quality fuel. This increase occurred in Pertamax fuel of 17% on December 25 compared to daily average consumption.

Area Manager Comm, Rail, & CSR Pertamina Patra Niaga West Java Region, Eko Kristiawan, said the high demand for quality and environmentally friendly fuel for motorists is an interesting phenomenon. "During this Christmas holiday, in addition to the consumption of Pertamax and Dexlite in the West Java Region, which increased compared to normal daily consumption, on Christmas Day (25/12), an increase in consumption occurred in Pertamax Turbo by 10%, Pertamina Dex by 5%, and & Dexlite by 67 percent," he said.

Furthermore, Eko added that this trend shows that motorists increasingly believe in the convenience of traveling with an excellent vehicle. Pertamax Turbo with Research Octane Number (RON) 98 and Pertamax with RON 92 for gasoline engine vehicles, as well as Pertamina Dex with Cetane Number (CN) 53 for diesel engine vehicles will ensure more ideal and maximal vehicle engine combustion.

"Pertamax Series and Dex Series is suitable for long trips because of the advantages of the engine being cooler, fuel-efficient, engine durability, and increasing engine performance as well as being environmentally friendly," he explained.

Standby on Christmas and New Year's Holidays with Additional Mobile Storage Services 

During the Christmas and New Year Holidays, Pertamina West Java Regional Office from early December to mid-January alerted all petrol stations to strengthen fuel distribution services by alerting 53 units of Mobile Dispenser across Banten, DKI Jakarta, and West Java Provinces.

"Mobile storage is a tank truck filled with fuel that is on standby to fill fuel tanks at petrol stations. This tank truck aims to speed up the process of filling fuel at the petrol station so that the fuel stock can be maintained," explained Eko. 

In addition to ensuring stock readiness, Pertamina also maintains the cleanliness of petrol stations and carries out the Covid-19 prevention protocol. "We urge the public to drive safely, stay alert, and adhere to health protocols," Eko added.

The flow of going home or out of town is estimated to occur on Thursday, and the return flow on Sunday.

If the public needs information about Pertamina Delivery Service or information on Pertamina's products and services, they can contact Call Center 135.**

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