Supporting Solar and Wind Renewable Energy, Pertamina Help Build Energy-Independent Village

Jakarta, March 12, 2021 - PT Pertamina (Persero) has developed a community-based renewable energy innovation program following ISO 26000 standards through the E-mas Bayu (Energi Mandiri Tenaga Surya dan Angin = Solar and Wind Powered Energy-Independent) and E-mbak Mina (Energi Mandiri Tambak Ikan = Energy Independent Fish Pond) programs in one of the remote or isolated places in Indonesia in Bondan Village, Ujung Alang, Kampung Laut District, Cilacap Regency, Central Java. These two programs are implemented to meet the electricity and economic needs of the surrounding community.

Through the E-mas Bayu program, Pertamina builds an off-grid electricity network or a network that does not enter the PLN electricity network. Through this program, Bondan Village can become an independent renewable energy area capable of generating power of 12,000 WP.

The people in Bodan Village have felt the positive impact generated by the Bayu E-mas program. Among these are the flow of new and renewable energy to 78 households, one school, one mosque, and two production houses. Independent solar and wind energy already cover at least 98% of the village area.

Apart from the E-mas Bayu program, Pertamina also runs the E-mbak Mina program or the Energy Independent Fish Pond program. Through the E-mbak mina program, the community in Bondan Village can produce 160 kg of milkfish, 50 kilograms of shrimp, 20 kilograms of crab per month and create two creative economic activities, namely Ibu Mandiri and Ibu Mekar Jaya.

As for this program, Pertamina has succeeded in improving the people's economic standard of living sustainably. Among other things, savings in expenses of 75% from IDR 9,600,000 to IDR 2,400,000 per year, an increase in income of 75% (IDR 18,000,000 per group member/year), and utilization of pond products to produce 1,920 kg of milkfish, 600 kg of shrimp, and 240 kg of crab/year.

Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations of Pertamina, Agus Suprijanto, said Pertamina would continue to support new and renewable energy development programs such as E-mas Bayu and E-Mbak Mina.

"The development of new and renewable energy is carried out in collaboration with the Regional Government and supports the implementation of SDGs points 7 and 8, namely providing clean and affordable energy, as well as providing work, supporting the economy and community independence," said Agus.

"The development of renewable energy is Pertamina's commitment to supporting the government in increasing the energy mix and preparing for future energy transitions. It is also an action to minimize climate change as part of the implementation of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance), which supports efforts to develop a sustainable energy business," Agus concluded.**

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