Spices and Electric Motorbike Assisted by Pertamina Dash to MotoGP Mandalika 2022

March 23, 2022 – The 2022 MotoGP event in Mandalika, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, is not only a place for racers to show off but also the work of MSMEs and Indonesian people. Rempah Seduh or wedang rempah from Alam Bijak Nature Wisdom is Pertamina Academy of SMEs development result and is part of the Indonesia Spice Up The World merchandise program. This souvenir was directly handed over by President Joko Widodo symbolically to the racers on Sunday (20/3).

Rempah Seduh comes as a spiced drink to accompany coffee and tea in sachet packaging, which makes it easier for people to enjoy the spices in it. Taraporter Indonesia, as the producer of Alam Bijak Nature Wisdom, was selected in batch I of the ISUTW program along with 79 other companies. The initiator of the spiced drink itself, Rosita YS Wibawa, became part of the Pertamina Foundation PFpreneur program in 2020 and was included in the list of 30 selected Women Leaders & Entrepreneurs.

"This program targets to increase the number of spices exports by 2 billion US dollars and four thousand Indonesian restaurants abroad by 2024. I am thankful for the support from the Pertamina Foundation team that has strengthened us since we received business assistance as foster partners. Hopefully, the benefits of these spices will be recognized by MotoGP racers and people around the world better," said Rosita.

Another great thing came from the electric motorbike by the Arfie Ikhsan Firmansyah team, who also appeared at Mandalika. This great work is the top 6 PFsains 2021 EBT innovation projects directly fostered by the Pertamina Foundation. The project of modifying a motorbike that drives a combustion engine into a battery-based electric motorcycle was carried out by the Arfie team.

"This electric motorbike innovation came from my desire to reduce the negative impact of high fuel consumption on the environment. Thanks to the support of the Pertamina Foundation, we were able to make this prototype ready for use," said Arfie.

President Director of Pertamina Foundation, Agus Mashud S. Asngari, conveyed a sense of joy and pride for the contribution that has been given by Pertamina.

"Amid the frenetic success of Pertamina MotoGP Mandalika 2022, there is a great story of Pertamina UMKM Academy, a fostered partner of PFpreneur Pertamina Foundation, namely rempah seduh and the PFscience electric motorbike project. It is great to help make the nation proud at an international event like this. Next, there will be more interesting and great projects that we will assist," said Agus.

"What happened in Mandalika makes me optimistic that in the future we can produce more projects and works that have global quality and can be exported," stated Agus.**

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