Speed Up Cleaning, Pertamina Deploy Additional Vessels in Balikpapan Bay

Balikpapan, 6 April 2018 Pertamina deploys additional vessels to speed up the cleaning process in Balikpapan bay area. During the cleaning operation until this evening, Friday (6/4) Pertamina had deployed 21 vessels and 234 team with various competencies for cleaning the oil spill. The team consist of watershed protection officers, technical supports and vessel crew while the fleet consist of 11-unit tug boats, 3 unit patrol boats, 3 unit oil barge and 4 aluminum boat.

Over the last two days, Pertamina has dispatched 15 vessels to clean Balikpapan bay. Since Wednesday (4/4) Balikpapan bay coastal area looks much cleaner from oil spills compared to the first and second day prior to the accident.

Cleaning process is extended to reach the Karianggau Mangrove Area. Given the position occurred within mangrove forests, the current cleaning process performed most effective by manual.

As for Penajam District, the restoration is conducted by spraying oil dispersant supported by manual cleaning. Hence, the participation of Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) and local communities plays an important part in restoring the coastal condition.

Similar to the previous day, Pertamina dispatched four teams to work simultaneously to clean up coastal areas with zone division. First zone consists of LLP Station, Jetty and Kampung Baru. Zone two consists of Rede and Kolam Labuh area. Zone three consists of Monpera Beach and Zone four consist of the Outer Beach area.

The restoration in jetty 1 is conducted by using vacuum truck equipped with oil boom and Oil Spill Dispersant. Restoration in Kampung Atas Air and Kampung Baru is conducted with vacuum truck supported by oil absorbant.
As for Semayang Port to Balikpapan Plaza, the restoration is conducted with vacuum truck to clean the remaining oil spill. Moreover, in Penajam is taken care of with the Oil Spill Dispersant, and in Balikpapan bay area using oil skimmer and tug boat.

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