Second Largest Geothermal Potential in the World, Pertamina is Ready to Partner with Global Allies in AIPF

Jakarta, August 31, 2023 - Geothermal energy is one of Indonesia's great potentials. The energy source potential contained within Indonesia reaches 23,965.5 Mega Watts (MW), making it the second largest in the world.

Only about 9.8% of this potential is currently utilized, with an installed electricity generation capacity of 2,342.63 MW from 16 Working Areas. In the energy transition era, geothermal energy became an attractive investment source for global investors.

With this remarkable potential, PT Pertamina (Persero) is ready to showcase the Geothermal projects currently operated by its subsidiary, PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE), at the flagship event, ASEAN Indo Pacific Forum (AIPF), scheduled for September 5 – 6, 2023, in Jakarta.

Vice President of Corporate Communication of Pertamina, Fadjar Djoko Santoso, explained that as an energy sector SEO, Pertamina plays a strategic role in geothermal energy management by operating in 15 Working Areas (WK) in Indonesia. Thirteen WGs managed independently (own operation), while 2 WGs are managed jointly with partners (joint operation contract).

According to Fadjar, Pertamina will continue to develop geothermal energy to generate electricity from renewable sources, considering the importance of this green infrastructure to ensure energy sustainability in the future.

"At the moment of the flagship event, AIPF 2023, with the support of the Government, Pertamina is prepared to build cooperation and collaboration with global partners. Through these strategic projects, Indonesia solidifies its position as the epicenter of economic growth in ASEAN," stated Fadjar.

Currently, these geothermal projects have been capable of producing geothermal electricity equivalent to 4,524 Giga Watts per hour (GWh). Since February 2023, Pertamina successfully launched an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for its subsidiary, PGEO, offering 10.35 billion shares and raising funds up to Rp 9.05 trillion.

Currently, Pertamina manages 15 WGs, including Gunung Sibuali-Buali – North Sumatra, Gunung Sibayak-Sinabung – North Sumatra, Sungai Penuh (Kerinci) – Jambi, Hululais – Bengkulu, Lumut Balai and Margabayur – South Sumatra, Way Panas – Lampung, Kamojang Darajat – West Java, Karaha Cakrabuana – West Java, Pangalengan – West Java, Cibeureum Parabakti – West Java, Tabanan – Bali, Lahendong – North Sulawesi, Gunung Lawu – Central Java, Seulawah – Aceh, Kotamobagu – North Sulawesi.

"As per Pertamina's masterplan, geothermal development until 2026 will continue to be enhanced, aiming for a twofold increase to 1,108 Megawatts (1.1 Gigawatts)," concluded Fadjar.

Pertamina, as a leading company in the energy transition, is committed to supporting the Net Zero Emission 2060 target by continuously promoting programs that directly impact the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) achievement. All these efforts align with Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) implementation across all Pertamina's business lines and operations.**

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