Realizing the Cultural Preservation Commitment, Pertamina Provides Support for Dance Schools Development

Jakarta, July 29, 2022 – Pertamina, through its Environmental Social Responsibility (TJSL) program, encourages cultural heritage preservation, which is Indonesia's pride. This commitment is realized through support for the Cirebon Dance School, part of the Indonesian Belantara Budaya Foundation (BBI) engaged in education, arts, and culture.

Support for educational programs is not only given for formal activities but also directed to activities that provide character education. One of which is through cultural education.

“Pertamina is committed to continue preserving the nation's cultural heritage. This time, through operational funding assistance for the Cirebon Dance School. This is in line with Pertamina's TJSL priority pillars which follow the priorities set by the Ministry of SOEs, namely the education, environment, and MSME development pillars," said Fajriyah Usman, VP of CSR & SMEPP Management of Pertamina when witnessing the aid handover at the Millenials Gathering event, Wednesday, (27/7).

The dance school established in the Kasepuhan Palace, Cirebon, was initiated by Pertamina International EP (PIEP) with the spirit of introducing Indonesia's wealth to foreign countries. The dance education activity, conducted free of charge to school-age children, began at the end of 2018.

"Thank you for Pertamina's support. We hope to continue working hand in hand for preserving Indonesian cultural heritage and traditions purpose,” said Diah Kusumawardani Wijayanti, founder of the Indonesian Belantara Budaya Foundation, which now houses 17 traditional dance and music schools with 5,324 students.

In Indonesian Belantara Budaya dance schools, children learn to dance once a week, every Saturday. Each child can master one dance during the 2-3 month practice period.

BBI students are expected to be able to awaken the love energy for Indonesian culture, and at the same time, become mentors for their peers. In addition, children also have the opportunity to become professional dancers armed with the skills they have honed from an early age.

Dancing for children at Cirebon Dance School has fostered a love for art and developed goals uniquely.

"I want to be a dance lecturer," said Anisa, a 3rd-grade elementary school student who has mastered Mask Dance and Jaipong Dance.

Meanwhile, her peer, who has learned to dance since kindergarten, Keenar, dreams of becoming a professional dancer and a dancer's make-up artist. In the Millenials Gathering 2022 event, the Cirebon Dance School had the opportunity to present a traditional Cirebon dance, the Samba Mask Dance, which depicts the children's daily lives, who are lively and funny.

Pertamina is always committed to implementing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)-based programs. The support for cultural heritage preservation through traditional arts education is Pertamina's effort in encouraging Sustainable Development Goals #4 (quality education) and #17 (partnerships to achieve goals) achievements.

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