RCB Dahor Attending Indonesian Museum Exhibition Introducing the History of Balikpapan

As the historical portrait center of Balikpapan. Dahor Cultural Heritage House (rumah cagar budaya/RCB) got a chance to participate in The 6th Indonesian Museum Exhibition.

MAYBE only a handful of people who know the history of the Oil City. Because, this city’s inherent history has not been exposed much.

The lack of media for nostalgia is one of the reasons. Long-term residents of the City of Faith may not know it much, Balikpapan is an important city in the era of World War II, for it is an oil producer city. Moreover, people throughout Indonesia might know less.

It was starting in 2016 when people get to know better the city that has been colonized by Dutch and Japanese. That was the year when Dahor Cultural Heritage Houses has been inaugurated. Stage house which was originally a shelter for Pertamina employees who work in Balikpapan was turn into a museum.

Inside the house on Dahor Street, there are line of black and white portraits.

The photo collection displayed inside describes the condition of Balikpapan when it was built hundreds of years ago. Old oil refineries to places that have changed are beautifully illustrated in the photos displayed on the partition wall. The vintage feel is getting thicker as the old items are also on display.

The history of Balikpapan City will be heard by all citizens of Indonesia. For the Pertamina’s employee house that has been turn to cultural heritage house by Municipal Government of Balikpapan, will participate in The 6th Indonesia Museum Exhibition.

Regional Manager of Communication and CSR of Pertamina Kalimantan Yudy Nugraha said, in the annual event held in Taman Mini Indonesia RCB Dahor invited as Balikpapan representative. RCB Dahor got an invitiation as The Education and Culture Office of Balikpapan City proposed RCB Dahor as Balikpapan representative.

“This is a pride of Pertamina because it can take RCB Dahor to a national event. We hope this center of Balikpapan history can be known to a wider audience,” he said on Monday (16/4).

At this museum exhibition, RCB Dahor will bring photographs of existing collections.
To make it more interesting, the booth for the exhibition on 19-21 April will be made as RCB Dahor’s house in Balikpapan. The replica will be made as attractive as possible. “At the very least, we can remind visitors of Balikpapan in the past,” he said.

For information, the exhibition was held in celebration of The 43th Anniversary of TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah) or literally translated as Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park. The event comprise of workshops, demonstrations, talk shows, and art performing. The event will be held at Gedung Sasana Kriya, TMII.

The Chairman of RCB Dahor Didiek Anggrat is also proud to be able to introduce the history of Balikpapan in national event.

“From this event, at least RCB Dahor can attract more visitor. For me this history is worth preserving, not a thing to be buried, "he said.

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