Preparing 258 Tankers, PIS Strictly Supervise Nataru Fuel and LPG Distribution

Jakarta, December 27, 2021 - PT Pertamina International Shipping (PIS), the Subholding Integrated Marine Logistics of PT Pertamina (Persero), ensures fuel and LPG distribution runs safely and smoothly during the 2021 Christmas to the 2022 New Year (Nataru).

PIS is a part of the Nataru Task Force, which ensures the availability and distribution of energy fuels throughout the country.

A total of 258 tankers for Crude, fuel, and Gas are fully operated and on standby to distribute energy to remote areas of the country. Coupled with the support of 149 port and offshore supporting ships and strengthened by 1,878 onboard marine workers.

PIS vessels delivering fuel, crude oil, LPG, and petrochemicals have a domestic distribution capacity of 119 million kiloliters and a global distribution capacity of 26 million kiloliters. PIS must take effective and efficient efforts in the operational/transportation cost sector by implementing a digitalization system that allows for more strict and consistent monitoring.

Digital and real-time PIS supervision is a tanker monitoring automation program or Enhanced Daily Tanker Position (EDTP) 3.0, which monitors communications between ship programmers and ship crews. Pertamina uses the EDTP application in monitoring all fleets both at home and abroad, which can be accessed from the Pertamina Integrated Command Center (PICC).

PIS Operations Director, Arief Kurnia Risdianto, explained that the company's readiness to secure the distribution of fuel and LPG continues to be monitored regularly. Starting from the readiness of the fleet, preparation of reliable tonnage loads, providing additional tonnage for built-up stock throughout the region, monitoring distribution, to the readiness and safety of the officers on duty.

"We are committed to maintaining the security of fuel supply with sustainable operations. We ensure the health and safety of PIS officers who serve as the Nataru Task Force," said Arief.

In distributing fuel and LPG, PIS coordinates with Pertamina Patra Niaga and Pertamina International Refinery as a fellow Pertamina Subholding in the national energy distribution chain. PIS also coordinates with parties such as the Indonesian Seafarers' Union (KPI) to ensure the safety and security of the seafarers on duty.

The CEO of PIS, Erry Widiastono, said that the commitment of all PIS officers to maintain the security of energy supply and distribution, as well as smooth operations, is a shared responsibility and form of service to the community.

"We are ready to ensure that the distribution of energy through ships is carried out properly and provides comfort for the community in carrying out their activities." PIS officers carry out Stay On Ship during Nataru for ship crew and Stay at Office for Task Force officers on land.**

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