Pertamina's Participation in Supporting Energy Transition Acceleration in Indonesia

Jakarta, November 8, 2022 – PT Pertamina continues to play an active role in mitigating global emissions to anticipate climate change by setting a target to achieve net zero emissions by 2060 or sooner. Pertamina's commitment is shown by paying full attention to the New Renewable Energy (NRE) development through green economy transformation.

One of the full support for the energy transition acceleration carried out by Pertamina as a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) is actively participating in Business 20 (B20), which is part of the G20. President Director of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati, was appointed as Head of the Energy, Sustainability & Climate Task Force (Chair of the Energy, Climate, and Sustainability Task Force), works with global business leaders to address policies related to energy and climate change. This international business community forum is a forum for business entities to play a role as a strong, sustainable, and balanced economic growth driver that supports the commitment to achieve Net Zero Emission and New Renewable Energy development.

"Pertamina's appointment to lead the ESC Task Force proof Pertamina's significant role in the success of global decarbonization," said Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development of PT Pertamina Power Indonesia (PPI), Fadli Rahman, at the Ministry of SOEs, Jakarta, Tuesday (8/11/2022).

Fadli added the world had experienced two energy transitions in the past, and this decade is the third time. In the current transition period, there are several consequences, including adjustments to policies and regulations, significant changes in infrastructure, total energy costs increase, and the potential to hinder economic growth.

He also added that investment in energy transition and decarbonization had increased significantly in recent decades. "For this reason, Pertamina is moving forward in the energy transition while enabling energy security for Indonesia. Pertamina is committed to supporting the Indonesian government's commitment to achieve Net Zero by 2060 or sooner by developing a roadmap for asset decarbonization and green business development," explained Fadli.

There are several goals that Pertamina hopes to achieve. One of them is the decarbonization business with energy efficiency goals, building green power plants, reducing reducers such as methane and other gases, electrifying fleets and static equipment, capturing and storing carbon, and providing low-carbon fuel for vehicles. Moreover, Pertamina is also developing new businesses in the new and renewable energy field, EV Charging and Swapping, blue energy development for manufacturing and transportation, Nature Based Solutions, battery development, and biofuels.

"We have also implemented carbon storage technology or Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) for the oil and gas field in Jatibarang," said Fadli.

Fadli added that Pertamina is also one of Indonesia’s largest new renewable energy players. Starting from geothermal utilization application in terms of oil and gas production, solar panels (Solar PV) utilization, and biogas utilization.

"We also collaborate with national and global partners to explore partnerships in the decarbonization program, as well as accelerate NRE growth to achieve Net Zero Emissions," he added.

Fadli emphasized, as an energy company, Pertamina has a big responsibility to be a pillar of achieving net zero emissions in Indonesia, with affordability and fairness principles.

"All of these achievements started with developing a comprehensive Sustainability Policy that sets out our goal to be recognized as an Environmentally Friendly Company, a Socially Responsible Company, and a company that upholds Good Corporate Governance," conveyed Fadli.**

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