Pertamina's Independent Energy Village: PTK Inaugurates Waste Bank Continuation Program in Jambi

Jakarta, July 29, 2022 - PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental (PTK), a subsidiary of PT Pertamina International Shipping (PIS), held a soft launching of a vertical garden and training on used cooking oil (mijel) processing into creative products and biodiesel at the Sumber Rezeki Waste Bank located in Omah Sinau, East Jambi district.

This event took place on Friday, July 15, 2022, and attended by  Commission II Jambi DPRD member representative, Sutiono, Head of Tanjung Sari Dadan Village, representatives of 24 RT (RT communication forums), and several communities and youth leaders.

The activity began with the opening speech from the leaders who expressed their support for the planned used cooking oil processing training program so that the community could build the economic potential of the mijel processing result. The surrounding community is ready to support and develop the mijel processing business into MSMEs in their area.

Moreover, the first stone laying was also conducted for the vertical garden in the land behind Omah Sinau that has been prepared. The first stone laying was carried out by relations function representative of PTK, Dony Arya, followed by DPRD member Sutiono, and ended by Tanjung Sari Village Head, marking the initial inauguration for the construction of the Vertical Garden.

By creating this vertical garden, waste bank customer can use used bottles as containers for vegetable and herbal plant seeds, creating productive land that will be exploited and the benefits of which will be appreciated by all waste bank clients in the future.

For one week, from July 14 to 23, 2022, the used cooking oil/mijel processing training involved all waste bank customers and the surrounding community. Used cooking oil, which has been only disposed of as household waste, will gradually be processed into more useful products such as laundry soap, floor soap, lamp candles, and even biodiesel as an environmentally friendly alternative energy.

Biodiesel utilization from processed used cooking oil is also utilized in plastic and organic chopping machines owned by the Sumber Rezeki waste bank. Therefore, the training products can be utilized sustainably in the waste processing chain at the Sumber Rezeki Waste Bank. Currently, the Sumber Rezeki waste bank from 2019-2022 already has several facilities such as a garbage chopper machine, a three-wheeled motorbike, a learning library, Creative Park (PTK-assisted), and a vertical garden (PTK-assisted).

"With the help of PTK, we can increase the impetus to process waste up to 10 times higher. Thus, we can produce more products/creations in the future, and more people can feel the benefits, especially residents in Tanjung Sari village," said Suminah, Chairperson of the Sumber Rezeki Waste Bank.

"Through TJSL activities carried out by PTK in the Jambi area, it is hoped that it can be useful for residents by continuously improving the economy, and at the same time becoming a means of communication and interaction between PTK and the community of Tanjung Sari Village, Jambi," said VP Legal & Relations of PTK, Frits Tommy H. Sibuea.

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