Pertamina Wins 6 Corporate Emission Awards 2021 for Its ESG Commitment to Reduce Emissions

Jakarta, May 6, 2021 PT Pertamina (Persero) is committed to implementing the Environment, Social & Governance (ESG), and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) point 13 regarding climate change. Pertamina is supporting government programs to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that cause global warming.

According to the baseline set for ten years from 2010 to 2020, Pertamina Group has achieved a 27.08% reduction in emissions. It has exceeded the target of 26% for that year. 

Pertamina was able to minimize GHG emissions by taking multiple measures to reduce emissions from operations and production activities. It includes the initiative to utilize flare gas and the Blue Sky Program, which encourages people to use low-carbon emission fuels.

Based on these achievements and ongoing efforts, PertaminaGroup received 6 Corporate Emission Awards in 2021. The company won the Green Elite Category for Emission Reduction for Non-Banking BUMN Sector Corporations and the Gold PlusCategory for Transparency in Calculating Emissions for Non-Banking BUMN Sector. The other four awards received by PGN were Reduction in Emissions for Non-Banking Issuers in the Green Elite Category, Reduction in Emissions for the Non-Banking SOE Sector in the Green Elite Category, Transparency in Calculating Corporate Emissions for the Non-Banking Issuer Sector in the Silver Plus Category, and Transparency in Calculating Corporate Emissions in the Non-Banking SOE Sector Category Platinum Plus. 

The 2021 Corporate Emission Awarding will be held virtually (29/4/2021) by Investor Magazine and Berita Satu Media Holding in collaboration with PT Bumi Global Karbon (BGK).

"Companies that can sustainably reduce carbon emissions should be appreciated because they have contributed to saving the earth," said Director of Berita Satu Media Holdings (BSMH), Primus Dorimulu. 

According to him, reducing emissions will have a positive impact on climate change. It will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions while creating quality economic growth.

Primus explained that the award was given in eight titles, namely Platinum Plus, Platinum, Gold Plus, Gold, Silver Plus, and Silver to companies that carry out transparency in the disclosure of emission calculations. In addition, awards with the titles Green Elite and Green are given to companies that disclose their reduction in emissions in 2019.

"The estimation and reduction of emissions are based on information from the 2019 sustainability report, which was released in 2020 and is available on each company's official website. The assurance for the emission calculation is also a criterion to be considered in the assessment," he said.

Acting SVP Corporate Communication & Investor Relations of Pertamina said Pertamina welcomed this award positively and would continue to intensify steps to reduce emissions to support the government's target of 29% by 2030.

"The 2021 Corporate Emission Award is proof that the efforts made by Pertamina to reduce emissions are recognized by stakeholders and will be a motivation in pursuing bigger targets," said Fajriyah.**

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