Pertamina to Build Another Pipeline as Replacement for the Broken Subsea Pipeline

Balikpapan, April 14th, 2018 - While waiting for the removal of the broken pipe in Balikpapan Bay, Pertamina is going to build another pipe as the replacement. The broken pipe is still in its original location for investigation purposes.

Regional Manager Communication and CSR Kalimantan Yudy Nugraha explained, “This replacement pipeline will be transported from Balongan to Balikpapan. If the broken pipe has been removed from the seabed and Pertamina was allowed by the investigator to replace the pipe, the replacement pipe can be installed immediately.” 

Yudy further explained that the prepared pipes amount to around 22 joints with a length of 12 meters each. 

Currently Pertamina is delivering crude oil from the Lawe Lawe Crude Terminal to Balikpapan refinery using 16-inch subsea pipeline.

Reported earlier that the 20-inch crude oil pipe was cut off. The temporary allegations of the causes of this incidents is external forces. As the broken pipe was removed, the Police will conduct an investigation to find the cause of this incident.

Pertamina’s pipe with 12.7 mm thickness was of material carbon steel pipe API 5L Grade X42. The strength of the pipe to the pressure was measured from the Safe Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP), 1061.42 pounds per square inch gauge (Psig), while the operating pressure on the pipeline is only 170.67 Psig.

The pipe was in good conditiond and has been inspected periodically before it was cut off. Last inspection was on December 10, 2017 by diver who inspect the pipe external condition, cathodic protection and spot thickness. The final certification inspection was conducted on October 25, 2016, certificate of the feasibility of equipment usage (also known as SKPP or sertifikat kelayakan penggunaan peralatan) issued by the Director General of Oil and Gas is still valid until October 26, 2019. The certification renewal is every three years according to SKPP Migas.

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