Pertamina Supports the Environment Agency to Conduct Emission Test

Balikpapan, April 18, 2018 - As a State-Owned Enterprise with a vision to develop new and renewable energy by implementing the uase of Eur-4 fuel that is environmental friendly fuel with low emissions, Pertamina supports Environment Agency of Balikpapan City Government in implementing the Blue Sky Program of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, by conducting spotccheck of Motor Vehicle’s Emission. This test was also held as an effort to control air quality and as an adherence to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry’ Decree 5/2006 on the Gas Emission Limit Threshold of Motor Vehicle.

This vehicle emission test was conducted by Balikpapan Environment Agency, Balikpapan Transportation Agency, Balikpapan Police Agency (satuan lalu lintas/Satlantas), and brand-holder sole distributor (agen tunggal pemegang merk/ATPM). This test also supported by institutions such as Polytechnic of Balikpapan and Pertamina itself as representatives of State Owned Enterprises in Balikpapan.

Air quality monitoring was conducted for 3 days from 17-19 April at different location from 08.00 - 16.00 local time. The monitoring Will be held in 3 spots, the first day (17/4) at Hajj Embarkation Parking Page, second day (18/4) in Telkom Office Parking area, and last day (19/4) at Pertamina LPG Terminal Parking Area.

Every gasoline and diesel vehicles passing through Jl. Yos Sudarso will be directly directed to the Pertamina LPG Terminal Parking Area by the police team for emission test. Each vehicle got a check card, and the car that pass the test got sticker as proof that the vehicle meets environmental quality standards.

Regional Manager of Communication & CSR Pertamina Kalimantan Yudi Nugraha mengatakan, sebagai perusahaan yang menyediakan BBM untuk masyarakat, Pertamina menyadari keterkaitan penggunaan BBM dengan kualitas udara, semakin tinggi RON yang dipakai maka semakin baik efek nya untuk udara dan lingkungan sekitar tempat kita tinggal.

Regional Manager of Communication & CSR Pertamina Yudi Nugraha said, as a company that provides fuel for the community, Pertamina understand of the connection fuel and air quality, the higher the fuel’s octane number, the better the effect for air and the environment around where we live.

“In addition to supporting by providing a place, we also contribute in socializing to the community about the use of fuel in accordance with environmental standards,” said Yudi.

The target of tested vehicles from 3 locations is as many as 2.000 units. And the total vehicle that has been tested since the first day (17/4) and the second day (18/4) is 1.729 vehicles, 1.353 gasoline-fueled vehicles passed the test and 66 vehicles did not. There also 297 diesel-fueled vehicles that passed the test and only 13 vehicles did not.

There are two substances used as a benchmark for gasoline-fueled vehicles test, that is Hydrocarbons (HC) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). For vehicles produced before 2007, the maximum standard HC is 1200 part per million (ppm) and C02 4.5%. For vehicles produced after 2007, the maximum standard of HC is 200 ppm and CO2 1.5%. While for diesel-fueled vehicles, the maximum capacity (exhaust gas concentration) is 70% for vehicles produced before 2010 and 40% for vehicles produced after 2010.

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