Pertamina Strengthens Commitment to Community Empowerment by Winning Indonesia Best TJSL Awards 2023

Jakarta, September 1, 2023 - PT Pertamina (Persero) has been honored with the Indonesia Best TJSL Awards 2023 with Outstanding Program in Increasing Community Economic Independence in the Energy, Oil, and Gas Industry category. This recognition reflects Pertamina's contribution to enhancing the community's economy through the Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL) program involving the community.

The awards were organized by Research and Consulting as a form of appreciation for businesses from various sectors, aimed at continually improving the TJSL programs implementation that focus on sustainable development in Indonesia.

During the virtual award ceremony, the Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya, emphasized that all components of the nation prioritize environmental protection and management as part of the business process. She appreciated prioritizing of environmental protection initiatives, considering it an essential endeavor rather than an overlooked or mere motive.

She expressed, "Let's continue working together for a better environment," during the opening of the award event on Thursday, August 31, 2023.

Upon receiving the award, Fajriyah Usman, Vice President of CSR & SMEPP Management of PT Pertamina (Persero), warmly welcomed the appreciation. Pertamina was recognized for its consistent TJSL programs execution involving community empowerment, such as Desa Wisata Pertamina, Desa Energi Berdikari, UMK Academy, and Rumah BUMN.

"We hope this award will inspire us to continue innovating and providing broader and sustainable benefits to the community following our TJSL spirit: Energizing Sustainable Community," stated Fajriyah.

In line with Fajriyah, Fadjar Djoko Santoso, Vice President of Corporate Communication of PT Pertamina (Persero), explained one of Pertamina's flagship programs in community empowerment is the Desa Energu Berdikari (DEB). This program offers access to renewable energy as a solution for the community's energy needs and opens the path toward energy and economic self-sufficiency.

"By providing access to renewable energy, Pertamina can socialize and present the experience of energy transition, enabling the community to understand the significance of energy in driving the economy," Fadjar said.

He further stated that this program follows SDG Goal 7 on clean and affordable energy, Goal 8 on economic growth, and Goal 13 on climate change mitigation, as well as following the Government's target to achieve Net Zero Emissions.

Pertamina, as a leading company in the energy transition, is committed to supporting the Net Zero Emission 2060 target by continuously promoting programs that directly impact the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) achievement. All these efforts align with Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) implementation across all Pertamina's business lines and operations.**

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