Pertamina SMEXPO 2022, An Exhibition of High-Quality Indonesian MSME Products

Jakarta, November 22, 2022 - Welcoming the Pertamina SMEXPO 2022 event, thousands of Pertamina's fostered MSME products from various regions in Indonesia will be present to entertain the hybrid event at FX Sudirman Jakarta from November 28 to December 4, 2022.

VP of CSR & SMEPP of Pertamina, Fajriyah Usman, said this activity was prepared by Pertamina to revive the MSME industry after the Covid-19 pandemic. This event also proves that the quality of domestic MSME products has been recognized by many parties.

"Pertamina's assisted MSME products have the quality that is recognized by the international market, thus we must maximize that potential," Fajriyah said.

The Pertamina SMEXPO 2022 opening ceremony will be held on Monday (28/11) at the Grha Pertamina building in Jakarta. Meanwhile, the MSME product exhibition will take place at the FX Sudirman Atrium Floor 1 from November 29 to December 4, 2022.

In the previous year, MSMEs participating in Pertamina SMEXPO were divided into several categories. It includes fashion, craft, agribusiness, and food and beverage with authentic taste.

One of the fostered partners who will take part in Pertamina SMEXPO 2022 is SOBAG, selling handmade Indonesian-style woven bags combined with genuine cow leather. NTT woven fabrics are one of the most popular patterns besides batik, Palembang songket, Lampung tapis, Bali songket, and Lombok songket, which are the consumer's target. SOBAG woven bags have loyal customers from Asian countries, including Malaysia and Singapore.

Pertamina SMEXPO also helps MSMEs, such as SOBAG, to enter a wider market, following the sales concept by SOBAG, online sales. Fajriyah added Pertamina would showcase the best and superior products of its fostered MSMEs to people who love beautiful bags with Indonesian characteristics.

It is hoped that the skills of regional craftsmen at the exhibition will increase pride in the products made by the nation's children.

"The exhibition held by Pertamina is very helpful for MSMEs like me to move forward in building the people's economy to grow, especially in the post-pandemic period like today," Evi said.

A similar sentiment was conveyed by Ariy Arka, owner of Abee Indonesia, a modern men's fashion brand that uses traditional Indonesian clothing, such as batik and weaving as the main materials with detailed embroidery and embroidery techniques.

"Abee Indonesia collaborates and partners with weaving craftsmen, batik craftsmen, and other craftsmen. Not limited to collaborations but also continuing to innovate and survive in the Indonesian fashion industry and produce extraordinary works so that they can be accepted by the public," Ariy said.

Fajriyah hopes that Pertamina SMEXPO 2022 can repeat its success, be accepted by consumers, and create interest as well as attachment to the community to feel the Pertamina SMEXPO 2022 excitement on November 28.

In 2020 Pertamina SMEXPO received the MURI Record award as an Online MSME Expo with the Most Products. The event held for three days featured 1,780 MSME products and recorded more than 30,000 visitors to the site featuring a virtual exhibition and marketplace.

Meanwhile, in 2021, 30 MSMEs participated in business matching, with 10 MSMEs successfully starting exports and continuing to be active by achieving potential transactions worth more than IDR 9 billion. This number has increased compared to the Pertamina SMEXPO 2020 event, where a total of 15 countries were recorded as potential buyers, dominated by Australia. Meanwhile, at the Pertamina SMEXPO 2021 event, there were 20 countries dominated by the United States.

The large potential for business transactions during the Pertamina SMEXPO event shows that MSME products have export quality, thus having a high selling value and also as proof that the event is anticipated and in demand by global business players.

"Pertamina SMEXPO is a motivation for MSME players to innovate their products creatively and adaptive, thus creating opportunities to expand the market considering that the products on display are not only popular in our country but also in other countries," Fajriyah concluded.

Pertamina SMEXPO, is Pertamina's consistency in promoting and supporting economic growth following the eight Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) achievement, namely increasing inclusive and sustainable economic growth, productive and comprehensive job opportunities, and decent work for all, as well as the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) based programs implementation in all operational areas.**

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