Pertamina Prioritize Balikpapan Bay Environment Restoration

Balikpapan, 6 April 2018 – As a State-owned Enterprise, Pertamina together with the communities, state apparatus, NGO and related Agency swiftly conducted the Emergency Response Procedure in handling environment restoration due to the oil spill in Balikpapan coastal area. This concrete action becomes a priority and has resulted a better and cleaner water conditions compared to the previous two days. As we see together that currently, after the fifth day of operations, Balikpapan sea is clean. In addition, the Company together with communities, related agencies and parties under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry performs environment restoration phase.

Pertamina supported the ongoing investigation process. In the meantime, the cause of crude oil transfer pipe leak from Tanjung Penajam is still investigated by the Police. As reported in the media that the pipe leak is allegedly due to external force factor that pulled the pipe to cut loose.

In addition to environment restoration, Pertamina also continue to carry out its operations to secure Fuel supply in Kalimantan and Eastern Indonesia area.

After the addition of water cleaning fleet on Wednesday (4/4), the environment condition looks much better than the previous day. Pertamina has dispatched four teams to work simultaneously to clean the water from oil spill with zone division. First zone consists of LLP Station, Jetty and Kampung Baru. Zone two consists of Rede and Kolam Labuh area. Zone three consists of Monpera Beach and Zone four consist of the Outer Beach area. In order to clean the four zones, 15 vessels with equipment as necessary are deployed.

Oil spill restoration in jetty 1 is conducted by using vacuum truck equipped with oil boon and Oil Spill Dispersant. Restoration in Kampung Atas Air and Kampung Baru is conducted with vacuum truck supported by oil absorbant.

As for Semayang Port to Balikpapan Plaza, the restoration is conducted with vacuum truck to clean the remaining oil spill. Moreover, oil spill in Penajam is taken care of with the Oil Spill Dispersant.

The restoration of oil spill is performed offshore in Balikpapan bay area using oil skimmer and tug boat.

To anticipate health complaints experienced by the community, Pertamina cooperates with Pertamina Hospital Balikpapan to provide health posts in Kampung Baru Ulu and Kampung Atas Air, as well as preparing medical team if medical check-up is needed ni other locations. This posts serves medical check-up and free medication.
To provide the community concern, gas test is conducted several times to ensure there were no gas concentration exceeds the normal level. In addition, the Company conduct socialization on things which needs more attention and countermeasure required to encounter these conditions.

The coastal cleaning process which has been ongoing since Saturday (31/3), continue to get support from Oil and Gas Companies in Balikpapan, community, students, Alumni Association of several Universities such as ILUNI, IAITB, IAITS, Kagama and individuals.

At least 500 people joined in 67 communities participated in the cleaning process on Wednesday (4/4). The cleaning process in the coastal area is conducted manually considering that it is a more effective way to collect the oil spill swept to shore.

The cleaning is conducted in nine points scattered in West Balikpapan, South Balikpapan and the City of Balikpapan. Communities involved in the activity, is equipped with adequate protective equipment such as gloves and maskers. This activity also cleans garbage out of the water considering the volume of oil spill has reduced to almost nil.

Pertamina performed the cleaning process using equipment and techniques, as well as the support from oil and gas companies in Balikpapan such as Pertamina Hulu Mahakam, Pertamina EP Asset V, Petrosea.

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