Pertamina Patra Niaga Sumbagsel Region Appreciates and Fully Supports Bengkulu Police Reveals Individuals Misusing Subsidized Fuel

Bengkulu, August 24, 2022 - Pertamina Patra Niaga Sumbagsel Region appreciates and fully supports the supervisory steps and actions taken by the Bengkulu Regional Police, whom have succeeded in cracking down on Subsidized Solar hoarders.

Area Manager Communication Relations & CSR of South Sumatera, Tjahyo Nikho Indrawan, said that Pertamina is committed to distributing subsidized diesel on target.

"We appreciate and fully support the police, especially the Bengkulu Police, who have taken action against the subsidized fuel misuse," said Nikho.

The Bengkulu Regional Police confiscated 1,000 liters of subsidized diesel fuel transported by four-wheeled vehicles in the Baai Island,​​Bengkulu City.

As it is known, subsidized diesel fuel follows Presidential Regulation no. 191 of 2014. Users entitled to subsidized diesel for transportation sector include black-plated vehicles to transport people or goods, public services (ambulances, firefighters, garbage collectors), and yellow-plated vehicles. Vehicles that are categorized as entitled to subsidized diesel need to show a verification letter and recommendation from the relevant SKPD.

Pertamina noted that for the Bengkulu area, the subsidized Bio Solar consumption had reached more than 7% above the projected Bio Solar Subsidized Fuel quota for mid-August 2022. With 311 KL per day average daily consumption.

Meanwhile, Pertalite products have reached around 32%, above the Pertalite fuel quota projection for mid-August 2022. With 704 KL per day average daily consumption.

“Pertamina continues to educate and socialize to the public so that subsidized fuel distribution can be on target. We continue to strive to keep distribution running smoothly, by increasing the Fuel Terminal operating hours to anticipate consumption spikes and optimizing the Tank Car Crew to be more effective," explained Nikho.

BPH Migas has also regulated subsidized diesel fuel maximum purchase per vehicle per day. As for land transportation, private vehicles with black plates are 60 liters per day, public transportation for people or goods with 4 wheels is 80 liters per day, and public transport for 6 wheels or more is 200 liters per day.

"We hope people can buy fuel wisely, according to their needs, and do not have to worry. We continue to do fuel distribution every day," continued Nikho.

For affluent people, Pertamina provides various quality fuels according to vehicle specifications, such as Pertamax, Pertamax Turbo, Pertamina Dex, and Dexlite. Thus, people entitled to subsidized fuel can enjoy it and not be used by fuel hoarders and irresponsible individuals.

Nikho hopes that the arrest will make the diesel subsidies more targeted in the future.

"Hopefully, this step can prevent a similar mode of hoarding subsidized solar occurrence. Therefore, the subsidized solar distribution can be more targeted," Nikho added.

Pertamina Patra Niaga Sumbagsel Region urges the entire community to oversee and supervise subsidized fuel distribution.

If the public finds fraud indications, the public can immediately report it to law enforcement officials or through the Pertamina Call Center (PCC) 135.

"We also invite all relevant stakeholders, as well as media partners, to participate in providing information and helping educate the public regarding the enormous fuel subsidy burden currently given to the state. Thus, it can be accepted by the people who have the right and the less fortunate for the sake of the nation's sustainability," concluded Nikho.**

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