Pertamina Operates 76 Green Energy Stations (GES), Eco-friendly Gas Stations

Jakarta, August 31, 2021 – PT Pertamina Patra Niaga, as Commercial & Trading Sub Holding of PT Pertamina (Persero), continues to accelerate the commitment and contribution of the energy transition on the downstream by introducing 76 Green Energy Stations (GES). The 76 GES are located in several areas: 3 points in Lampung, 43 points in Banten, DKI Jakarta, and West Java, 13 points in Central Java and Special Region of Yogyakarta, and 17 points in East Java.

Chief Executive Officer of PT Pertamina Patra Niaga, Alfian Nasution, explained that GES is a new concept and integrated service for the community as consumers at Pertamina gas stations with four main concepts, namely Green, Future, Digital, and High Tier Fuel as Pertamina’s commitment to supporting the Grand National Strategy by the government, especially in the energy transition program and operations that are more environmentally friendly.

Alfian further elaborated that the green concept is related to Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) or solar power plants (PLTS) as an independent and environmentally friendly energy source.

“Solar PV has a significant impact on reducing pollution and the greenhouse effect. It also impacts the efficiency of gas station operating costs. For gas stations with a capacity of 6.3 Kwp Solar PV, the average monthly savings is around 12.5% of the total electricity usage for operations,” said Alfian.

The second concept is Future; it offers a new service, namely the Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station (SPKLU) and the Public Electric Vehicle Battery Exchange Station (SPBKLU) or Battery Swapping Station (BSS).

“This is how we support strengthening and accelerating the preparation of the downstream ecosystem of battery-based electric vehicles (KBLBB) in Indonesia. Currently, there are five Charging Stations at Fatmawati II gas station, MT Haryono gas station, Lenteng Agung gas station, Kuningan gas station, and Soekarno Hatta gas station, which are charge free. This year we are also preparing BSS at several gas stations to support the development of electric motorcycle users,” explained Alfian.

The third and fourth concepts are familiar, namely Digital and High Tier Fuel. Digitization and continuous education about high-quality fuels, namely the Pertamax Series and DexSeries, have become one of the main programs of C&T SH.

“Pertamina Patra Niaga has prepared MyPertamina as an integrated digital platform for all services and transactions at GES, both for fuel oil products and in the future for charging station and BSS services. Regarding Pertamax and Dex Series, this is Pertamina’s commitment to Ministerial Regulation of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry No. 20 of 2017, where the minimum requirement for the Research Octane Numer (RON) for gasoline is RON 91 and the Cetane Number (CN) for diesel is CN 51,” he said.

By elaborating this concept, GES has become an initial milestone in the energy transition on the downstream, as Pertamina distributors that are operationally and environmentally friendly in terms of services and products. It is also a milestone in increasing the new & renewable energy (NRE) portfolio utilization in Pertamina’s distributors’ operations.

“GES will be a one-stop energy solution that is environmentally friendly. We will run along with the energy transition. We hope that GES in other regions can continue to accelerate the process, and the presence of this GES can contribute to reducing carbon emissions by 2030 by up to 29% as planned by the government,” explained Alfian.

Furthermore, Pertamina also provides special promos for consumers at GES. During the period 31 August-30 September 2021, 5,000 Pertamina customers with the most Pertamax Series and Dex Series purchase transactions with MyPertamina have the opportunity to get 5,000 extra points that can be exchanged for various benefits, one of which is the Berbagi Berkah MyPertamina program. For customers who charge their electric vehicles at the GES Charging Station also have the opportunity to get a BrightStore voucher of Rp25,000, as well as limited exclusive merchandise.

All products, services, special offers, and information related to GES can be directly asked by contacting Pertamina Call Center (PCC) 135 or check directly on your MyPertamina application.

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