Pertamina Forms Nataru 2023 Task Force, Ready to Anticipate Homecoming Surge

Jakarta, December 15, 2022 - PT Pertamina (Persero) anticipates travelers who want to celebrate Christmas and New Year (Nataru) 2023. This commitment is proven by forming the Nataru Task Force (Satgas), which involves all company operational lines to ensure that energy utilized by the community stays sufficient and fulfilled.

Based on data from the Ministry of Transportation for 2022, it is estimated that the potential of people travelling during the 2022 Christmas & 2023 New Year holidays will reach 44.17 million. They use various transportation modes to visit family or have holidays in the Christmas and New Year 2023 momentum.

In ensuring smooth fuel and LPG distribution during Christmas & New Year, Pertamina has formed a Task Force, which will work from December 15, 2022, to January 8, 2023. It involves Pertamina's Holding-Subholding Team and related agencies, including KESDM, Ministry of Transportation, BPH Migas, Police, Jasa Marga, TNI, and PT Telkom Indonesia.

"Energy consumption is predicted to increase due to increased mobility of the people before and after the Christmas and New Year celebrations. For this, Pertamina has prepared additional supplies and services to serve the people's energy needs," said Director of Logistics and Infrastructure of Pertamina, Erry Widiastono, during the Nataru 2023 Task Force Kick Off in Jakarta, Thursday (15/12/2022).

To guarantee the company's operational processes in the Nataru 2023 period, Erry said that Pertamina's management would monitor through the Integrated Enterprise Data & Command Center (IEDCC), information center for energy distribution starting from Upstream, Refineries, Shipping, Fuel Terminals to petrol stations. Through this Command Center, CCTV at petrol stations and critical stock at petrol stations can be monitored and can be a top priority for fuel delivery.

"Monitoring is carried out digitally, and officers will be on standby for 24 hours to anticipate movements in energy consumption in each region in Indonesia," added Erry, who also serves as Head of the Nataru 2023 Task Force Team.

Erry explained that fuel and LPG availability is in sufficient condition, and all infrastructure has been alerted ahead of the Nataru celebration. Pertamina's infrastructure readiness includes 114 fuel terminals, 23 LPG terminals, more than 7,400 petrol stations, 667 SPBEs, 4,972 LPG agents, and 68 DPPUs.

Erry said that for this year, Pertamina is adding fuel and LPG stock availability to anticipate a demand surge. Pertalite increased by around 4.5%, Pertamax increased by 2.9%, Pertamax Turbo increased by 18%, Dexlite increased by 3%, and Pertamina Dex increased by 1.3%. For LPG, there is an increase of 2.5%, while Avtur also increased by 6.5%.

Moreover, Erry said to ensure services to the community are maintained properly, Pertamina provides supporting energy services on potential routes, which includes toll roads, tourist routes, and main traffic routes, in the form of Standby Petrol Stations, Standby LPG Agents & Outlets, Pertamina Standby Kiosks, Motorists, stand-by tank cars, and health facilities.

"We ensure that all facilities function properly and have even provided additional facilities to provide excellent service to people who want to take a vacation and celebrate Christmas and New Year 2023," said Erry.

Apart from providing and serving energy to the community, Erry also asked the Pertamina Task Force team to pay attention to safety and security aspects. "Please maintain the safety aspect and prevent unwanted things from happening properly. How we protect our infrastructure, facilities, and national-vital object from a security standpoint," said Erry.**

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