Pertamina Ensures that Residents in Evacuation Apply Health Protocols and the Needs of Refugees Will Be Fulfilled

Balongan, March 29, 2021 - Pertamina ensures residents' safety in the surrounding area of the incident by evacuating to a safe place. It is estimated that currently, there are around 200 residents who have been evacuated in the Pendopo of Indramayu Regency. There are approximately 400 people at the Indramayu Islamic Center and 350 residents at the Bumi Patra Housing Sports Center (GOR). Pertamina is also working on various forms of assistance to meet the needs of residents in evacuation camps.

The residents who were evacuated came from Balongan village, which is the village closest to the incident area. Pertamina has prepared covid 19 prevention, such as masks and hand sanitizers at the evacuation camps. Pertamina also ensures residents continue to carry out covid prevention health protocols.

For logistics, Pertamina will cooperate with the local government of the Indramayu Regency to help provide consumption for residents in the evacuation camps. Also, Pertamina has prepared tarpaulins and other needs of residents in the evacuation camps.

Meanwhile, blackout efforts are still ongoing. Pertamina brought in an HSSE (Health Safety, Security and Environment) team from the closest refinery unit, namely the Pertamina Cilacap Refinery, Pertamina EP, Pertamina Plaju Refinery, and the Regional Disaster Management Agency in Indramayu to immediately seek to extinguish the refinery tank fires.

As is well known, at 00.45 am this morning, an incident occurred which caused a fire in the T301G tank. The cause of the fire is not known with certainty, but at the time of the incident, it was raining heavily accompanied by lightning.

The refinery tank that burned was the Balongan Refinery located in Balongan Village, Indramayu District, West Java.**

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