Pertamina Ensures No One Is Left Behind in the Energy Transition

Davos, January 22, 2023 - PT Pertamina (Persero) continues to lead the energy transition in Indonesia and ensures that all segments of society can receive the benefits. It is also a global commitment and part of the policy recommendations from the Business 20-Task Force Energy, Sustainability, and Climate (B20-TF ESC) at the November 2022 G20 event in Bali.

B20-TF ESC has issued six policy recommendations to accelerate the energy transition that accommodate the challenges, opportunities, and risks associated with promoting a just and orderly transition in developing countries.

"There are six policies. The main goal is that no one is left behind in the transition period, including micro, small and medium enterprises," said the President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero), Nicke Widyawati at the Indonesian Pavilion at the World Economic Forum (WEF) held in Davos, Switzerland, Wednesday (18/1).

Nicke, who also serves as co-Chair of B20-TF ESC at the G20 in 2022, said that Indonesia is the first developing country to hold the G20 Presidency. According to her,  these recommendations are needed to accelerate the energy transition. The six policy recommendations include progressively increasing the quantum, predictability, and ease of flow of financing to developing countries.

B20-TF ESC must also ensure MSME participation in energy transition activities with funding and capacity building. They must facilitate the technology adoption by households and MSMEs for efficient, clean, and modern energy use.

Other policy recommendations needed are accelerating the integrated electricity access solutions, including off-grid with community participation and grid-based electrification to expand access to energy and improve economic welfare.

The Task Force must implement policies to ensure an orderly transition in primary energy sources.

Then the last one is the need for policies to support climate technology innovation by supporting start-ups and university research with technology, financing, skilled human resources, knowledge, and sharing facilities.

The Task Force also has priorities such as accelerating the sustainable energy use, ensuring a fair and affordable transition, and enhancing energy security.

Nicke said collaboration between developed and developing countries was needed as a key enabler to achieve these three priorities.

B20 plays a role as a catalyst and encourages companies or countries to establish global partnerships. There are at least 36 partnership agreements involving 11 countries with a potential project value of around US$11.5 billion explained in the B20-TF ESC.

In addition, there are also 12 partnership opportunities, five business matching events, and two collaborations with investment platforms in the business matching avenue at B20-TF ESC. Thus, this business action is pursued through a global partnership to realize policy recommendations.

The B20-TF ESC is a task force generated by the B20 group involvement in the G20 forum, where Indonesia acts as president in 2022. The task force deals with issues related to energy, sustainability, and climate in a collective efforts of countries to address climate change.**

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