Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022: Running for a Healthier Earth

Jakarta, September 18, 2022 - The annual Pertamina Eco Run is back with a fresh new format. Carrying a new name, Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022 will be held at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, on Sunday, November 27, 2022. This year is a little different because there are more activities, including the Eco-Run, a running event with various categories, the Eco-Market, a culinary product bazaar with locally made, environmentally friendly products and MSMEs. It also includes the Energizing Music Festival, which features performances by Indonesia's top musicians.

The Pertamina Eco-Run officially opened for registration on September 16, 2022. Runners can register through the website until November 13, 2022. 

After two years of being held virtually, running enthusiastscan enjoy the thrill of running together again in various categories. It includes a 1.5K Family Run for children (ages 7 to 12) and their companions (over 17), a 5K Fun Run for all ages, a 10K Race for students (ages 13 to 17), General participants (ages 18 to 44), and Master participants (over 45), as well as a half marathon 21K race with General participants (ages 18 to 44) and Masters (over 45 years).

Healthy for Earth

What makes this program special is that by taking part, participants would make an indirect donation to Pertamina's Desa Energi Berdikari initiative, which works with people in rural areas of Indonesia to use new and renewable energy sources to provide access to electricity. 

“With the Energizing The Great Start spirit, Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022 invites the community to collaborate to help villages in Indonesia to be more independent, fulfill their own energy needs by using clean energy sources, and improve welfare. This follows our aspiration to achieve the Net Zero Emissions common goal," said Brahmantya S. Poerwadi, Corporate Secretary of Pertamina. 

The Desa Energi Berdikari Program is Pertamina's flagship TJSL program which aims to increase community access in remote and isolated villages to environmentally friendly, affordable, and sustainable energy. Moreover, this program also encourages the community's economy to be more prosperous. Throughout 2021, Pertamina's 19 Desa Energi Berdikari programs have reduced emissions of more than 261 thousand tons of CO2 per year, providing energy access benefits to more than 1,900 families, and providing an economic increase of up to IDR 1.9 billion. In 2022, Pertamina will continue this program and get support from various stakeholders.

Registration Mechanism

"The registration mechanism for Eco-Run participants at Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022 begins with exchanging 10 points voucher code obtained from purchasing higher quality and environmentally friendly fuel, such as the Pertamax series and Pertamina Dex through the MyPertamina application. After getting the voucher code, participants can register through the website by following the registration instructions and inputting the voucher code before making a payment to be a participant. Participants who successfully register will be notified by an e-mail after the registration procedure is complete," explained Brahmantya.

The registration fee for Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022 participants starts from IDR 250,000 for the 5K Fun Run category, IDR 450,000 for the 10K category, up to IDR 600,000 for the Half Marathon 21K Race category, while for the 1.5K Family Run the fee is IDR 300,000 (1 companion & 1 child). By registering, participants will get an Eco-Run race pack that contains Exclusive Jersey, Drawstring Bag, and BIB (runner number), which can be taken from 24-26 November 2022. Moreover, all participants also have the opportunity to win door prizes, get Exclusive Medals on the day of the event, as well as prize for winners in the 10K and 21K categories.

After that, the Energizing Music Festival ticket sales will begin soon, where visitors may engage in the performances of the nation's favorite musicians while also savoring local food and shopping for eco-friendly goods. 

"We hope that through Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022, it will attract high participants and visitors. The potential for sports events combined with music, culinary, and craft festivals can encourage economic, social, and cultural development," concluded Brahmantya.

For more detailed information regarding Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022, the public can visit, social media : Instagram @pertamina.ecorunfest, Twitter & Facebook : Pertamina, E-mail : or Admin number : 0898 9814 796 (Eco-Run) & 0851 7238 2233 (Eco-Fest).**

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