Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022 Ready to be Held, Pertamina Prioritizes Participants' Safety, Health, and Convenience

Jakarta, November 18, 2022 - Thousands of runners are ready to participate in the Eco-Run at the Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022. This eco-friendly running event with a sustainable living concept will be held on November 27, 2022, at Istora Senayan, Jakarta.

In its 9th year, Pertamina Eco-Run comes with a new concept. Namely Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022, which presents an Eco-Run running event and Eco-Fest that consists of a cross-generational music festival, "Energizing Music Festival" and a bazaar in an “Eco-Market” country that offers environmentally friendly products and lifestyle.

This year, running lovers can re-enjoy the thrill of running together in various categories. Namely, a 1.5K Family Run for children aged 7-12 years with companions over 17 years old, a 5K Fun Run which can be joined by all ages, a 10K Race with Students (13-17 years old), General (18-44 years old) and Master (over 45 years old) categories, as well as the new Eco-Run category, the 21K Half Marathon with the General (18-44 years old) and Master (over 45 years) categories.

Corporate Secretary of PT Pertamina (Persero), Brahmantya Satyamurti Poerwadi, explained that since Eco-Run registration opened last September, participants have been very enthusiastic about registering. Therefore, in less than a month, 8,300 tickets were sold out. "A big appreciation for the participants who have registered for the Eco-Run. It certainly further motivates us to provide the best running experience for the participants," he said.

Brahmantya emphasized that in its implementation, Pertamina prioritizes participants' safety, health, and comfort. According to the health protocol, all Eco-Run participants are required to received the 3rd Vaccine (Booster) to participate in this running event. We have prepared 235 marshall officers and 30 bike marshall officers who will be placed per 100 meters along the route to line and separate participants from vehicles. Moreover, 60 traffic controller personnel will also be assigned at each critical point on the running route, one of which is at a crossroads.

"Not only for safety and health, for the convenience of Eco-Run participants, we also provide 13 Hydration Points or Water Stations per 2 Kilometers along the route, which is better than similar running events, which usually place water stations per 2.5 Kilometers. Apart from that, we will also alert ten ambulances units along with a medical team which is also equipped with pacemakers and mini ICUs," explained Brahmantya.

Brahmantya conveyed, following the Sustainable Living and Eco-Friendly concept that is being promoted, in this Eco-Run activity, Pertamina also ensures responsible waste management implementation. "We are working with a Rekosistem partner who will prepare waste management for all the waste generated at the Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022. All waste will be collected, sorted, and recycled," he said.

In every event, the Eco-Run participants are always enthusiastic about waiting for the exclusive Race Pack, one of the benefits for the participants. This year, the Eco-Run participants at the Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022 will receive an exclusive Eco-Run race pack of an Exclusive Jersey, Drawstring Bag, Hat, and BIB (runner's number), which can later be taken on November 24-26, 2022 at the Atrium F3, FX Sudirman. Furthermore, all Eco-Run participants will also receive Exclusive Medals and have the opportunity to win door prizes on the event day.

In the 10K and 21K categories, each participant's BIB will have a timing chip installed to detect runners' time records to prevent cheating during the race. Other than chip timing, all participants' BIB is also equipped with a Pic2Go barcode connected to the documentation link, where participants can enter their BIB number to search and download photos of their activities while running.

Brahmantya added that specifically for Eco-Run participants in the 10K Race and 21K Half Marathon categories had the opportunity to win prizes totaling hundreds of millions of rupiah. "For the 10K Race, 5 winners will be taken in each category, namely the Student & Master Category (> 45 years), the General Category, and the Internal Category. Meanwhile, for the 21K Half Marathon, 3 winners will be taken in each category, namely the Master Category (> 45 years), the General Category, and the Internal Category," he explained.

One of the Eco-Run participants, Didiet, who is also an IM Athletics Club member, says that he always participates in the Eco-Run every year. According to Didiet, Pertamina Eco-Run is always interesting every year, especially this year with the Eco-Fest. “Every year, I always participate in Eco-Run because apart from the big prizes, there are also many interesting and entertaining activities. Cannot wait for Eco-Run at this year's Pertamina Eco RunFest. Apart from prizes reaching hundreds of millions of rupiah, added with entertainment from Eco-Fest, after exhausted from running, participants will immediately refreshed! TOP!” he concluded.

The Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022 event will also be attended by celebrities who love running sports including Daniel Mananta, Andien Aisyah and Irfan Wahyudi (Ippe), Baim Wong, and Pertamina's Satria Muda basketball athletes who will take part in the Eco-Run. For more detailed information regarding Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022, the public can visit, social media : Instagram @pertamina.ecorunfest, and E-mail :**

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