Pertamina Continues Distributing Aids for Affected People

Balikpapan – As a compensation for oil spill incident in Balikpapan Bay, Pertamina continues distributing aids for affected people. Until today, Pertamina has distributed aids up to Rp 2,2 miliar for corporate social responsibility (CSR), compensation, and fund aid.

Pertamina gave compensation for affected fishermens as they can’t go to the sea to catch fishes. Gradually. Pertamina also distributed equipment for fishermens. In addition, the recovery process was done community services and labor intensive schemes to accelerate environment restoration.

Kalimantan Regional Communications and CSR Manager Yudy Nugraha said Pertamina's first priority is the recovery of affected people's environment, by cleaning up oil remnants to providing assistance and benefits to enable residents to live as usual.

"The aid distributed with the coordination of Pertamina, Villages and the affected residents, so that the aid will be distributed according to people’s expectations and needs,” said Yudy.

Yudy added the aids includes compensation of burning fishing boats, damaged cages, and crab seeds that lost their economic value.

As a form of concern and humanity, Pertamina compensated the victim’s family with an employment opportunities. Pertamina also providing corporate social responsibility (CSR) package consist of education and health insurance, and working capital as an economical support.

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