Pertamina Collaborates with LIPI in Preserving Flora and Keeping Carbon Emissions in Bogor Botanical Gardens

Jakarta, June 22, 2021 - PT Pertamina (Persero) collaborates with the Bogor Botanical Gardens and LIPI in assisting botanical garden innovation as a means of conservation and education. It is also to create comfortable, beautiful, and environmentally friendly nature tourism. Pertamina provided this assistance to revitalize the Bogor Botanical Gardens' Medicinal Garden and Orchidarium.

"This is an extraordinary opportunity given to Pertamina to give impact, benefits, and added value to the existence of the Bogor Botanical Gardens. We are collaborating with LIPI and the Bogor Botanical Gardens to implement the Social and Environmental Responsibility Program (TJSL)," said the Acting Senior Vice President Corporate Communications & Investor Relations of Pertamina Fajriyah Usman.

In addition to revitalization, Pertamina introduces and preserves plants consisting of 75 robusta and arabica coffee trees, 90 orchids, and 20 durian trees. These three types of plants are from Pertamina's fostered programs, such as PGE Ulubelu, PGE Kamojang, Pertamina EP Asset 3, Pertamina MOR VI FT Tarakan, and Pertamina MOR VI DPPU Syamsudin Noor. The preservation of orchids in the Bogor Botanical Gardens makes it the largest in the Asian region.

Pertamina also nurtures 150 rare plants in the Nepenthes thematic park, one of the new attractions in the Bogor Botanical Gardens. The 150 plants consisted of 40 Mirabilis plants, 30 Reinwardtiana plants, 30 Gracilis plants, 20 Ampullaria plants, 13 Sumatrana plants, 10 Rafflesiana plants, and 7 Chookeriana plants. The seven types of rare plants came from the assistance of Pertamina RU II Sei Pakning, MOR I DPPU Hang Nadim, and MOR VI FT Tarakan.

"It is hoped that the revitalization of coffee trees, orchids, and durian trees, as well as the preservation of the seven rare plants, from the Pertamina's guidance, can provide beauty, comfort, and can act as a means of education for tourists in the Bogor Botanical Gardens," said Fajriyah.

To support the convenience of visitors to the Bogor Botanical Gardens, which has an area of ​​87 hectares, Pertamina provides ten electric bus facilities that can be used for free for visitors. Pertamina picked the electric bus to promote environmentally friendly energy and lowering carbon emissions in the Bogor Botanical Gardens area. Visitors can utilize the electric bus  according to Covid-19 health protocols.

"This electric car is used to make the air cleaner. Before, we were using diesel, which emitted quite a lot. By using electric vehicles, we can reduce emissions by almost half as well as introduce to the public how Pertamina is present in providing environmentally friendly energy," said Fajriyah.

The Bogor Botanical Gardens possesses 15,000 collections of trees and plants. Pertamina incorporates the information about these tree and plant species into the Bogor Botanical Gardens website accessible to visitors. There is a barcode installed near the plant species, and visitors can scan it using their smartphone. Later, visitors will be directly connected to the Bogor Botanical Gardens website and see information about these plants.

Following Pertamina's assistance, Fajriyah stated that 50,344 people visited the Bogor Botanical Gardens physically and 18,202 people visited digitally via the Bogor Botanical Gardens website.

Fajriyah said the CSR program implements strategies in the aspects of ESG or environmental (environment), social (social), and governance. This program also supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) point 4, ensuring inclusive and quality education, and point 7, ensuring clean and affordable energy. It also supports point 13, taking action in dealing with climate change and point 15, protecting, restoring, and supporting terrestrial ecosystems.**

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