Pertagas Niaga Supplies Gas to Cooking Oil Factory, Supporting Clean Energy Utilization

Palembang, March 25, 2022 – Gas Subholding is making sustainable efforts to oversee energy transition implementation. Tuesday (22/03), PT Pertagas Niaga, as part of Pertamina's Gas Subholding, supports the competitiveness of the cooking oil industry by flowing gas of 0.267 BBTUD. PT Tunas Baru Lampung in Palembang, South Sumatera, as one of the producers that utilize natural gas as fuel for this burner to replace the previous fuel utilization. Therefore it is cleaner and environmentally friendly.

The gas outflow to PT Tunas Baru is a synergy of the Gas Subholding Group between Pertagas Niaga and Pertamina Gas as the owner of the transmission and distribution pipeline infrastructure. Natural gas for Tunas Baru Lampung is obtained from a gas field in the South Sumatera region.

"The source of gas in South Sumatera is so abundant. We are optimistic that this natural gas will ensure a stable energy supply.  Therefore, it can also support industrial growth in South Sumatera and its surroundings," said President Director of Pertagas Niaga, Aminuddin.

Natural gas is currently environmentally-friendly fossil energy that bridges the energy transition because it is low in emissions and has higher calories. Amin hopes that natural gas utilization can provide confidence for other industries to move to more environmentally friendly energy. The gas outflow to Tunas Baru Lampung is also a gift for PTGN's 12th anniversary.

"We appreciate Tunas Baru Lampung as an industry aware of natural gas usage as clean energy and create efficiency. It  is also in line with the determination of the Pertamina Gas Subholding, which is ready to accompany the energy transition process," Aminuddin added.

To meet the energy needs of industry in South Sumatera, Pertagas Niaga supplies natural gas either through pipelines or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). With a total gas distribution of 2.6 BBTUD, Pertagas Niaga's industry consumers include the ceramic industry and food factories. Moreover, Pertagas Niaga also serves tens of thousands of city gas network customers spread across various cities and regencies in South Sumatra.**

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