Optimizing Fuel Distribution, Pertamina Patra Niaga Sumbagsel Region Adds Fuel Terminal Operating Hours for Fuel

Bangka Belitung, August 24, 2022 - Pertamina Patra Niaga Sumbagsel Region ensures that fuel distribution for the Bangka Belitung area is sufficient amid the increasing Subsidized fuel consumption considering that community mobility continues to increase and has also started to return to normal after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Area Manager Communication, Relations, & CSR for Pertamina Regional Sumbagsel, Tjahyo Nikho Indrawan, said that Pertamina continues to optimize distribution in the Bangka Belitung area to fulfill the community needs.

"Pertamina Patra Niaga Sumbagsel Region continues to optimize distribution from the Fuel Terminal and services to the community at each distribution agency or petrol station by increasing Fuel Terminal operational hours to anticipate consumption spikes and optimizing the Tank Truck Crew to be more effective," said Nikho.

Pertamina recorded that for the Bangka Belitung area, the subsidized Bio-Solar fuel consumption has reached 10%, higher than the projected Bio-Solar Subsidized Fuel quota for mid-August 2022. With 519 KL per day average daily consumption.

As for Pertalite products, it has reached about 25%, higher than the projected quota for Pertalite fuel for mid-August 2022. With 1,121 KL per day average daily consumption.

Pertamina has firmly instructed all petrol stations in the South Sumatera region to carry out subsidized fuel distribution following the applicable regulations.

"We have given a strong warning to distribution agencies not to commit violations in distributing fuel, especially related to modified tanks. Let us monitor closely together. Thus, subsidized fuel distribution provided by the state is not utilized by hoarders and irresponsible individuals," added Nico.

Until mid-August 2022, Pertamina has sanctioned four petrol stations in the Bangka area that violated and were given sanctions. One of them is Bio-Solar and Pertalite subsidized fuel distribution suspension for 30 days, which impacted the dealer's turnover. It is expected to be a deterrent effect for channeling institutions not to repeat mistakes.

Pertamina encourages petrol stations to report to Law Enforcement Officials if there is intimidation by irresponsible individuals.

In addition to coordinating with relevant stakeholders and law enforcement, Pertamina asks for the community's support to take an active role in reporting if a fraud indication is found. The public can immediately report to law enforcement officials or through the Pertamina Call center (135) if there is a violation from the distributors. We do not hesitate to impose sanctions.

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