Gender Equality Commitment, Finance Director of Pertamina Won Indonesia Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs) 2022

Jakarta, November 6, 2022 – Pertamina's leaders' commitment to increasing women's role in the company and society has again received recognition. This time, Finance Director of Pertamina, Emma Sri Martini, received the 2022 Indonesia Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs) award, organized by UN Women Indonesia, at the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, on Friday, November 4, 2022.

Emma received the award for the Leadership Commitment category. She is recognized worldwide for her significant role in realizing the company's strong commitment to encourage the presence of policies, regulations, or practices to advance gender equality in the workplace.

First, Emma is trusted to lead the PERTIWI community (the Pertamina women worker community), formed in 2021 to carry out an educational program to socialize gender equality.

"Like other global energy companies that accommodate the women workers community, PERTIWI was formed as an inclusive forum for Pertamina's women workers to improve their abilities and prepare a cadre of leaders to contribute to society and global society," Emma said.

According to Emma, PERTIWI establishment accepted full support from Pertamina's top-level management to actively support women's empowerment through personal and professional development activities to support Pertamina's business sustainability and future energy.

"In addition, PERTIWI also seeks to increase internal and external synergies to support the Environmental Social Governance (ESG) implementation and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) fifth point related to gender equality and optimizing female officer contribution in creating a prosperous social environment," Emma said.

Second, through PERTIWI and Srikandi BUMN, Emma continues to advocate for the importance of a respectful workplace in the company, following the Respectful Workplace Policy program and commitment to Zero Harassment launched by Pertamina last year and made Pertamina the first BUMN to implement this policy. It has also prompted the issuance of a Circular Letter from the Minister of SOEs regarding the Respectful Workplace Policy within SOEs in 2022. The impact can be felt by nearly 1 million workers within the SOEs.

Third, Emma always directs all PERTIWI programs and gender initiatives at Pertamina to be tagged and can support the SDGs achievement, especially the fifth goal, Gender Equality.

Fourth, Emma helps build communication and fosters a cooperative development partnership program to empower women. Aligned with this work, Pertamina received the MURI award in the category of empowering the most Women MSMEs through digital stores at the 2021 SMEXPO activity.

Fifth, several cooperation programs were also initiated and facilitated by Emma Sri Martini to encourage gender programs in Pertamina, BUMN, and Indonesia. These collaboration partners include USAID, ILO, UN Women, ADB, KBUMN, KPPPA, and IBCWE.

Sixth, Emma also encourages gender initiatives evaluation and measurement through various internal and external gender audit programs.

This Finance Director of Pertamina acknowledgment is proof that the public has recognized Pertamina's commitment to promoting gender equality. Thus, Pertamina's female employees can act as catalysts that characterize all company policies and programs.

The Indonesia WEPs 2022 assessment process involves verifying supporting documentation, due diligence, and consulting professionals in private sector  that sustainably promote gender equality and women's empowerment.

The award from Indonesia WEPs 2022 further motivates Pertamina to strengthen its commitment to screen the broadest talent in business companies, improve company competitiveness, and fulfill corporate responsibility and sustainability commitments, the company's model of behavior reflects community expectations for the company, employees, citizens, and families, and promote sustainable development in the countries in which it operates.

"This appreciation is a motivation for me as the Head of PERTIWI Pertamina to consistently carry out commitments in supporting gender equality starting from the work environment. Once again, I thank you for the appreciation given. Hopefully, we can all carry out this mandate as well as possible, together  - with all Indonesian women to be able to rise again to face the challenges of the post-pandemic towards Indonesia rising stronger," Emma said.**

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