The process of reporting fuel theft to the local police.

Fuel Theft in Medan Leads to Pertamina's Pipeline Leak and Fire

Medan, October 28, 2023 - PT Pertamina Patra Niaga - Sumbagut Regional confirmed that the fire incident around the fuel pipeline section in Belawan Bahari Subdistrict on Thursday evening (26/10) was caused by fuel theft that punctured the fuel pipeline.

"We confirm that the cause of the leakage was fuel theft involving the fuel pipeline puncturing," stated Susanto August Satria, Area Manager of Communication, Relations & CSR at Pertamina Patra Niaga Regional Sumbagut.

Furthermore, Satria mentioned that, based on reports received from Pertamina Fuel Terminal (FT) Medan Group security personnel, at approximately 3:30 PM, a pipeline patrol team discovered a fuel leak in the Kurnia Village, Belawan Bahari area, from fuel theft by puncturing the fuel pipeline. Upon the discovery, security personnel immediately coordinated with the FT Medan Group and took initial action to temporarily seal the hole, requesting technical assistance to cover the leak further.

According to information from residents, around 6:30 PM, the fuel thieves deliberately removed the plug from the punctured fuel pipeline, causing fuel to gush out rapidly, and someone ignited a fire simultaneously.

"Upon the report of the fire incident, Pertamina immediately temporarily halted fuel distribution activities to reduce the oil flow from the punctured pipe and successfully extinguished the fire with the help of residents. The current situation at the site is secure, and Pertamina's technical team will permanently seal the pipeline hole," Satria clarified.

Pertamina has taken various preventive measures to avoid fuel theft by puncturing the distribution pipeline in the Belawan Bahari area.

"We conduct routine patrols daily in cooperation with the BKO Lantamal and Kodim, as well as educate the local community about environmental safety due to illegal fuel tapping. All preventive efforts must be accompanied by awareness and community cooperation because, on several occasions, individuals living not far from the vicinity conducted these illegal tapping actions," Satria emphasized.

Satria expressed concern about the two burn victims, and the company has filed an official report with law enforcement authorities regarding this fuel theft incident.

"It is clear that Pertamina and the surrounding community are affected by this. Therefore, we have reported this incident to the relevant authorities, especially the Pelabuhan Belawan Police, so that the fuel thieves can be promptly apprehended and prosecuted by the law," Satria added.

Vice President of Corporate Communication at PT Pertamina, Fadjar Djoko Santoso, also added that Pertamina appreciates the support from the Central and Regional Government, law enforcement agencies, and the community for their assistance in safeguarding Pertamina's assets, which are vital national assets. "Pertamina's assets are crucial for the general well-being, making their security a primary focus for all," he stated.**

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