Excellent Performance, Pertamina Named the Best Company in Implementing Energy Transition Technology

Jakarta, September 24, 2021 – Pertamina received an appreciation at the "Business Performance Excellence Award (BPEA) 2021" for The Best In Energy Substitution Technology 2021 and Leading In Technology Capability 2021, which took place online, Thursday, September 23, 2021.

This event is organized by the BUMN Excellence Forum (FEB) to appreciate SOEs that have reached a certain level according to the Superior Performance Assessment Criteria (KPKU) and encourage SOE to be more excellent and global. BPEA was attended by 14 state-owned enterprises that have gone through the 2020 Business Performance Excellence Assessment process that won a Good Performance brand score, Emerging Industry Leaders, to Industry Leaders.

The General Chair of FEB, Agung Yunanto, explained that according to the direction of the Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir, one of the four strategies of the Ministry of SOEs is to make SOEs more able to compete in the global market. This strategy is carried out through the 5 Priority policies of the Ministry of SOEs, namely economic and social values, business model innovation, technological progress, increasing investment, and developing SOE talents.

"To achieve the 5 Priorities, one of the strategic steps that need to be taken is implementing the Superior Performance Assessment Criteria (KPKU). Based on this, FEB has identified and tested the compatibility of the KPKU framework in supporting the achievement of the goals of the five SOE Ministry Priorities," he said.

Acting SVP Corporate Communications & Investor Relations of Pertamina, Fajriyah Usman, expressed her gratitude for the award given. According to her, this award is an honor and appreciation for Management and Perwira (Pertamina's worker) to improve performance excellence to add value to the company, improve services to the community, improve organizational effectiveness and capabilities, and encourage individual learning.

Pertamina received this award because it is considered to have the highest technical capability maturity among the participants and has strength in the energy transition.

Fajriyah explained that as SOE that acts as a national energy manager, Pertamina had anticipated a shift in energy consumption through 8 strategic initiatives to realize energy security and independence by encouraging the continued growth of new and renewable energy. It includes the use of geothermal, solar, biogas, and others.

"We also thank the Minister of SOE, Mr. Erick Thohir, who continues to provide support for Pertamina to consistently innovate and transform to become a more competitive, leaner, and adaptive company," said Fajriyah.

She also hopes that the BUMN Excellence Forum can continue to carry out its role as a forum for SOEs to share knowledge to increase SOE productivity.

"Let us continue to provide the best energy for SOEs. Energizing Excellence, Energizing You," she concluded.**

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