Ensuring Excellent Service During Nataru, Pertamina Patra Niaga Directors Review Call Center 135

Bandung, December 20, 2022 - To continue serving the community's energy needs optimally at Christmas 2022 and New Year 2023, Pertamina Patra Niaga's Directors directly observe the field to ensure Pertamina's facilities and operations readiness. One of them is reviewing the customer service, Pertamina Call Center (PCC) 135.

PCC 135 is Pertamina's forefront communication channels and information services to the public. Operating 24 hours, 103 trained operators are on standby to answer all information needs regarding Pertamina products and services, as well as always assist in resolving public complaints.

To ensure excellent customer service during the Nataru moment, Director of Central Marketing & Commerce, Riva Siahaan, was present to inspect the PCC 135 operators' busyness on Monday (19/12), at the Infomedia Nusantara Building, Bandung City, West Java, the place where the PCC 135 operators work.

"In welcoming the Nataru Task Force moment in 2022 this December, Pertamina Call Center 135 continues to develop services. We have prepared 24/7 days service. We use all channels, not only voice calls but also social media channels. Thus, we can capture and listen to our customers' needs and suggestions," said Riva.

Riva added that the PCC 135's presence was a concrete manifestation of Pertamina's commitment in providing the best service to the public. PCC 135 does not only provide services that are generally provided by a contact center but more than that, PCC 135 makes many breakthroughs and never stops innovating.

"PCC 135 continues to innovate. Other than telephone service, we now provide a chatbot feature named Nadia. This feature can be accessed via the MyPertamina application and Whatsapp Pertamina Call Center 135 at 0811-135-0-135. Therefore, it makes it easier for consumers to get information," he added.

Apart from ensuring every interaction and complaint are handled properly, Riva also encourages the dedicated PCC 135 operators to provide the best service for the community during the Nataru moment.

"We hope that the PCC 135 operators will remain enthusiastic about providing the best service to the community and serving them wholeheartedly, especially during this Nataru holiday," said Riva.

One of the PCC 135 operators, Ervina, said entering the Nataru moment when community mobilization began to increase, she and other PCC operators continued to work swiftly and optimally respond to all incoming information needed by the community.

"At PCC 135, we receive complaints, information, and requests. For instance, asking for petrol station locations and the latest fuel prices. Moreover, providing information about petrochemicals, lubricants, and Pertamina Delivery Services (PDS). For example, customers asking about LPG & fuel products, and we can deliver it,” said Ervina.

In addition to reviewing customer service, Riva also ensures that the supply and service of fuel and LPG in the Greater Bandung area is sufficient. Since early morning, Riva has participated in field monitoring at petrol station 31.411.01 at KM 88 of the Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road to ensure energy supply at the Ujung Berung Fuel Terminal that supplies the West Java, and at petrol station 34.405.27 at KM 125 of the Cipularang Toll Road.

"Bandung is the community's main alternative source for vacation. We know the travel policy has been opened, so people who want to go on vacation activities visit here. Bandung is one of the main destinations we must maintain its services for the community, for immigrants, and those who live in West Java," conveyed Riva.

For information about Pertamina's products and services, kindly contact Pertamina Call Center 135.**

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