Encouraging Energy Transition, Pertamina Holds Discussions and Presents Energy Needs Study

Jakarta, December 9, 2022 - Pertamina is committed to running its business with an energy transition concept. To encourage this, Pertamina held a 'Pertamina Energy Webinar' discussion, which also aims to increase public awareness regarding the energy transition.

Pertamina held the Pertamina Energy Webinar (PEW) 2022 with the 'Crafting the Pathway of Energy Transition in Indonesia' theme at the Grha Pertamina Ballroom on Wednesday (7/12/2022). PEW 2022 is an annual event organized by Pertamina that aims to raise public awareness and encourage discussion at the highest level on issues related to energy, both locally and globally.

This forum presents speakers from various backgrounds, including from the government, energy observers and experts, business actors, as well as internal speakers from Pertamina's Holding and Sub Holding.

The Director of Portfolio Strategy and Business Development (SPPU) of Pertamina, A Salyadi Saputra, said that during the last three months, Pertamina has continued to encourage energy transition spirit by holding two major B20 and G20 events in Bali, which held energy transition topic. "The goal is how we can decarbonize energy, save our planet and our next generation," he said when opening the discussion forum.

Salyadi added that the PEW 2022 discussion aims to increase public awareness and stimulate the energy transition discussion and its initiatives, both nationally and globally. In this event, two discussion sessions were held, the first discussing energy transition challenges and opportunities in Indonesia through a panel discussion on the orchestration of energy transition in Indonesia, and the second was a presentation on Pertamina's readiness in the energy transition and commitment to achieve the NZE target.

"Pertamina, as a national energy company, is committed to supporting the government's target of achieving national Net Zero Emissions in 2060 or sooner. Pertamina's NZE commitment is realized by developing and compiling Pertamina's NZE Roadmap, which includes a decarbonization strategy and new business development based on clean and green energy," he said.

In this activity, Pertamina also launched the Pertamina Energy Outlook (PEO) 2022 by reviewing Indonesia's energy needs projections up to 2060. There are three scenario perspectives used in the Energy Outlook, that refer to an increase in world temperature in 2100, which reaches around 3°C. (Low Transition), 2.4°C (Market Driven), and 1.7°C (Green Transition) above the world's average temperature in the pre-industrial era.

The PEO 2022 preparation has also considered the fundamental aspects of the economy and population growth as well as the national economic development direction, resource development, climate resilience, and utilization of green technology and clean energy sources.

The PEO 2022 review results also provide recommendations on the need to develop and align a national economic and energy roadmap, strengthen national energy resilience and security, and accelerate the energy transition on the user side.

It is hoped that the study result in PEO 2022 can become a reference and make a positive contribution to policymakers, business people, investors, researchers, and other readers regarding the possibilities for Indonesia's energy development in the future, such as improving the electric vehicle ecosystem, the NRE utilization which is increasing, as well as alternative energy and hydrogen and others utilization.**

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