Dubai Expo: PIS Prepares USD 3 Billion for 69 New Eco-Friendly Ships

Jakarta, March 23, 2022 – PT Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) has demonstrated its commitment to support the energy transition following the national energy mix program until 2050.

In line with the energy mix program stipulated in the General National Energy Plan (RUEN), new and renewable energy usage is projected to reach up to 30%. The demand for greener gas and energy in the future will be greater than the need for oil and coal.

"Therefore, we are currently focusing on investment to provide gas transportation or other types of ships that are ready to distribute greener energy cargo. However, in this transition period, we are also committed to distributing fossil energy throughout Indonesia," said CEO of Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) Erry Widiastono in his presentation at the Pertamina - Dubai Expo Media Briefing event on Friday (18/3/2022).

Erry explained that the company is preparing an investment of around USD 3 billion, one of the objectives is to add new ships to support a greener environment. "69 new ships that will certainly be more environmentally friendly than the current ones," he explained.

PIS has prepared a roadmap to become a Green Integrated Marine Logistics Company, divided into 3 phases.

The first phase is to reduce the carbon footprint by upgrading the ship. Moreover, the company also applies several new methods to operate ships, ports, and terminals that can reduce carbon emissions.

In the second phase, PIS focuses on becoming a low-carbon company by implementing dual-fuel vessels, environmentally friendly ship designs, and utilizing advanced technology for energy efficiency.

In the third phase, PIS will become a carbon-neutral company. "At this stage, we plan to use carbon-free ship fuels such as Hydrogen, Ammonia, and Batteries."

PIS has also complied with national regulations and international conventions to support and run an environmentally friendly business.

“We believe that the environment requires a more friendly company. Therefore we must take concrete steps to keep our environment green. As an integrated marine logistics company, we are committed to keeping our ship, port, and terminal operations more environmentally friendly," said Erry.**

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