DDF Implementation Roadmap, Pertamina Targets 300 Tank Cars in 2025

Jakarta, January 30, 2023 - Pertamina will continue the implementation of Diesel Dual Fuel (DDF) until 2025. DDF utilization, a combination of diesel fuel and compresses natural gas (CNG), will be an environmentally friendly energy that supports energy transition policies. Pertamina targets to implement DDF for 300 Tank Cars throughout Indonesia by the end of 2025.

The DDF roadmap implementation until 2025 is a synergy between PT Pertamina Patra Niaga (PTPN) as the manager of the Logistics Tank Car and PT PGN Tbk. (PGN) as a provider of CNG. The DDF Roadmap Implementation Agreement was officially signed by the Director of Logistics and Infrastructure of Pertamina, Erry Widiastono, President Director of PGN, M Haryo Yunianto, and President Director of PTPN Alfian Nasution, in Jakarta, Monday (30/1).

The Director of Logistics and Infrastructure of Pertamina, Erry Widiastono, said that after successfully conducting DFF implementation trials on 3 MT at the end of 2022, Pertamina will continue this program as a form of Pertamina's commitment to supporting emission reductions and Net Zero Emissions in 2060.

"This year, it is targeted that 89 MT of DDF will be operated in three major cities. Namely, Jakarta, Semarang, and Surabaya Integrated Terminals," said Erry while attending the DDF Implementation Roadmap signing.

Following the roadmap, Pertamina targets to implement the DDF of 89 MT in 2023, followed by 200 MT in 2024 and 300 MT in 2025. The potential for CNG to be utilized reaches 200 MMBTUD in 2023, 450 MMBTUD in 2024, and 674 MMBTUD in 2025.

Erry added that DDF fuel utilization has several advantages, such as being safe, environmentally friendly, and more economical. Therefore, it can be used for logistics transport vehicles.

"Based on field trials, the DDF system provides an efficiency of up to 30% and is more environmentally friendly because it produces 15-20% lower carbon emissions compared to full fuel," said Erry.

Components in the DDF system have also been standardized nationally and internationally, including the ISO 11439 standard for CNG cylinders and installation test certification from the Ministry of Transportation.

"The DDF system's safety and reliability have been guaranteed. Thus, it is safe to use tankers transporting fuel and LPG," said Erry.**

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