Cooperating with PBNU, Pertamina Peduli Continues to Distribute Follow-up Aid to Pasaman Earthquake Victims

Jakarta, February 28, 2022 Pertamina continues to provide aid for residents affected by the earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 Richter Scale that hit Pasaman, West Sumatera, last Friday (25/2). The assistance includes necessities and ready-to-eat food, various medical equipment, and tools.

The aid was distributed through the PBNU Main Post for Earthquake Care in West Pasaman & Pasaman. Aid distribution was carried out by the Pertamina Peduli team to the PBNU Main Post for Earthquake Care in West Pasaman & Pasaman, which was received directly by the Chairman of PBNU KH Yahya Cholil Staquf. Sunday afternoon (27/02). 

The assistance provided was in the form of necessities and ready-to-eat food, which consisted of 200 boxes of drinking water, 1,000 kg of rice, 250 kg of sugar, 100 boxes of coffee, 200 boxes of instant noodles, 180 liters of cooking oil, 100 boxes of sweetened condensed milk, and 100 boxes of tea.

Whereas the medical equipment aid is in the form of toiletries consisting of 1,250 pcs toothbrushes and 1,250 pcs soap. In addition, there is also equipment to support the operation of the public kitchen; 10 tubes of 12 Kg Bright Gas; 5 pcs stoves; 1,250 pcs blankets; 21 pcs tarpaulins with a size of 32 m2 each.

Vice President of Corporate Communication of PT Pertamina (Persero), Fajriyah Usman, said this assistance was the second stage of distribution following previously distributed in the form of urgent needs, needed most by the victims in the refugee camps.

"We are working with PBNU for this second phase of assistance to distribute it through the PBNU Main Post for Earthquake Care in Pasamanan Barat & Pasamanan. The assistance was received directly by KH Yahya Cholil Staquf as the General Chair of PBNU," said Fajriyah. 

Fajriah emphasized that until now, Pertamina has distributed assistance to the victims of the West Pasaman and Pasaman earthquakes according to the needs during the emergency response period. The assistance will continue to be increased following the development of needs in the field.

Previously, Pertamina had also distributed 1,120 kg of rice, 75 kg of sugar, 100 boxes of instant noodles, 48 liters of cooking oil, and 25 packs of teabags. There is also other equipment such as 40 Pcs towels, 25 Pcs mattresses, 50 Pcs blankets, and 75 Pcs adult clothes. 

To support the operation of public kitchens, Pertamina Pedulisent five cylinders of 12 kg Bright Gas and ten cylinders of 5.5 kg Bright Gas. Health supplies for the refugees have also been distributed, such as 75 Pcs of eucalyptus oil, 20 packs of diapers, and 20 packs of sanitary napkins. 

Fajriyah added that Pertamina would continue to coordinate and ensure the distribution of fuel and LPG in disaster areas goes well. 

"From the field data collection after the earthquake, we ensure that the distribution of energy for the community needs of LPG and fuel is sufficient," concluded Fajriyah.**

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