Consistently Caring for the Earth and Empowering Communities, PT KPI Wins 6 Indonesia Green Award 2022

Jakarta, March 22, 2022 – PT Refinery Pertamina Internasional (KPI) has made another achievement through the Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL) program at the Indonesia Green Awards (IGA) 2022 organized by The La Tofi School of CSR. The night of the IGA award was held on Monday night (21/3) in Jakarta.

PT KPI received six awards for several categories such as “Developing Integrated Waste Management”, “Pioneering Pollution Prevention”, “Saving Water Resources”, “Technology Engineering to Save Energy”, and “Developing Biodiversity”. Chairman of The La Tofi School of CSR, La Tofi directly handed the awards to Siti Rachmi Indahsari, Area Manager Comrel & CSR of PT KPI Refinery Unit III Plaju and Sukti Rahmawati, Jr. CSR & SMEPP of PT KPI Refinery Unit V Balikpapan.

La Tofi revealed that the IGA is an award given by The La Tofi School of CSR to companies with a high concern for the environment through a variety of creativity. This year several companies participated in several CSR programs in the IGA Award, divided into eight categories.

The CSR program is assessed based on a collaborative process that brings stories of change and the company's consistency in preserving the environment amidst the pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"This consistency is the keyword because the implementation of CSR does not depend on the ups and downs of company profits, where various business obstacles can be overcome by continuing to implement CSR and communicating it," La Tofi explained.

PT KPI's Featured Program

One of the company's featured programs that received the IGA award includes the Integrated Chicken Farming with Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Cultivation or maggot and Organic Vegetables. The program won an IGA award for “Developing Integrated Waste Management.”

Pertamina Refinery in Balikpapan developed the BSF program for residents of the Sungai Wain Protected Forest, Balikpapan, as a series of related activities ranging from processing organic waste in the community to chicken, catfish farming, and organic vegetable development.

The program series starts from processing organic waste, later processed into fertilizer using maggot. The fertilizer is used for organic vegetable crops. Meanwhile, maggot that is no longer productive in breaking down waste is fed to laying hens to increase egg production and food for catfish cultivation.

Ifki Sukarya, Corporate Secretary of PT KPI, conveyed that the program running since 2019 was carried out by seven groups that can reduce waste, increase group income, and encourage savings in organic vegetable care and the purchase of chicken feed.

"This program is aligned with the sustainable development goals. It is a form of responsibility for consumption and production that has been carried out in SDGs 12, encourages the protection of marine ecosystems, terrestrial ecosystems that are aligned with SDGs 14 and 15, and improves the community's economy through integrated waste management following SDGs 8," he explained.

Meanwhile, in the "Pioneering Pollution Prevention" category, Pertamina Refinery in Plaju won the Operation Window Optimization Polypropylene Plant and Pertamina Refinery's program in Balikpapan through the Cooking Oil Waste Processing Program. In this category, two operating units of PT KPI are considered to pioneered efforts to reduce air, land, and water/sea pollution through policies and technological engineering.

The Polypropylene Plant Operating Window Optimization policy implemented at the Pertamina Refinery in Plaju is an effort to reduce emissions caused by the production of polypropylene plastic ore at the Polypropylene Plant unit.

This program reuses gas flare, which was previously released into the air to maintain pressure in the production unit and is considered a production loss. Through this program, the Pertamina refinery in Plaju can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and conventional gases produced.

The program started in 2020 has a positive impact on the environment in reducing emissions. From 2020 to 2021, the program has succeeded in reducing CO2 emissions by an average of 895.6 tons of CO2 equivalent per year or equivalent to cost savings of IDR 75.8 million per year.

In the “Water Resources Rescue” category, the community-based Wastewater Management Installation System (IPAL) management program is assisted by the Pertamina Refinery in Plaju. Through this program, the people of RW 002 Plaju Ulu, Palembang, most of whom are tempeh producers, were given awareness in managing food production waste made from soybeans through the WWTP system and revitalization of waterways.

The tempeh producers’ village in Plaju Ulu has become a beautiful and comfortable village. The tempeh industrial waste is managed properly without a strong odor and prevents contamination of household well water.

The Belida Musi Lestari program, cultivation of Belida fish, involves the community with the concept of collaboration between the Pertamina Refinery in Plaju and the Palembang Public Water Fisheries Research Agency and Fisheries Extension (BRPPUPP). The Sumatran Belida fish cultivation is an effort to preserve the endangered fish received an award in the category of Developing Biodiversity. This program has saved 30 Belida fish from free trade and has incubated 66 Belida fish with aquaculture systems.

Meanwhile, in the "Technology Engineering in Saving Energy/Use of New Renewable Energy" category, Pertamina Refinery in Plaju received an award through the Heat and Light Energy Food Dehydrator program. It uses solar power as an energy source for drying herbal teas, rosella flowers, and medicinal plant materials for family medicine as an ingredient in herbal stamina drinks. This technological engineering can shorten the drying time, usually taking seven days to only a maximum of three days.

"We are grateful for this IGA Award. This recognition will trigger PT KPI to be more creative in implementing the CSR program that cares about the environment while providing benefits to the community," Ifki concluded.**

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