Committed to Implement ESG, Pertamina Encourages Company Competitiveness in the Hannover Messe 2021 Event

Jakarta, April 14, 2021 - PT Pertamina (Persero), as a state-owned enterprise that manages and maintains national energy resilience, is committed to implementing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) aspects in all its business lines and operations. These three global issues are important aspects that support the company's long-term business sustainability.

In the Hannover Messe 2021, the Finance Director of Pertamina and one of the ESG Implementation Team Leaders, Emma Sri Martini, emphasized that the implementation of ESG in the company's strategy will encourage increased competitiveness of the company, both domestically and globally.

"The implementation of ESG in all lines of business will encourage balance and preservation of nature, contribute to providing energy access and community empowerment as well as implementing good corporate governance. The application of ESG will also create long-term sustainable value and have a positive impact on the company, the community and the world," said Emma.

According to Emma, Pertamina has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 27.08 percent in 2020. Pertamina aims to lower greenhouse gas emissions by 30% in 2030, accordant with Indonesia's commitment to reduce emissions based on the Paris Agreement. Pertamina is also targeting an increase in NRE total capacity to 10.2 Gigawatts by 2026.

"We expect to achieve the target by implementing various programs such as increasing gas utilization, biofuel utilization, and green energy. New and renewable energy development is one of Pertamina's priorities to address environmental issues and energy transition trends in 2030," added Emma.

Pertamina, continued Emma, has also carried out various initiatives to preserve flora and fauna in all of its operational areas by preserving 87 endemic animal species and 52 endangered plant species.

According to Emma, in the social aspect, Pertamina maintains national energy security and provides energy to the country through its programs such as One Price Fuel and One Village One Outlet (OVOO). The OVOO program will simultaneously encourage the usage of environmentally friendly fuels in rural areas at affordable prices.

In the governance aspect, added Emma, Pertamina has launched the Pertamina Clean Charter in June 2020 as one of the implementations of ISO 37001: 2016 in the anti-bribery management system. It is in line with Pertamina's values that do not tolerate bribery and uphold professionalism, trust and integrity.

"With the support of stakeholders, Pertamina will continue implementing ESG that encourages Pertamina to become a world-class oil and gas company that provides maximum benefits for the people, nation and state," said Emma.

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