Champion in Pertamina Youthpreneur, These 15 Millennial Start-Ups Can Get IDR 200 Million Capital  

Jakarta, December 1, 2020 - The Pertamina Youthpreneur 2020 event is finally over. The event, which was held to capture young entrepreneurs' potential in the startup field, has succeeded in spawning successful MSME players from the millennial generation. Selected 15 best startups will have the opportunity to get venture capital of up to IDR 200 million from the Pertamina Partnership Program.

Vice President of Corporate Communication of Pertamina, Fajriyah Usman, said that apart from financing, the finalists also received direct prizes worth a total of hundreds of millions of rupiah. This prize was given to 30 finalists who previously succeeded in participating in Pertamina Youthpreneur 2020 events.

"As an appreciation for the 30 selected startups, Pertamina will provide cloud storage, software subscription, which is expected to be very useful for the sustainability of digital startups. We hope this facility can be used as well as possible and support the ongoing business to become a strong and independent business," she said.

With this event, continued Fajriyah, Pertamina hopes that "startups" that are not "bankable" or worthy of receiving loan assistance from banks can develop more and gain access to capital, markets, and other related matters, correctly and affordably. That way, these startups can grow, be adaptive, and independent in line with the times' demands.

The Pertamina Youthpreneur program's implementation is expected to provide opportunities for further possibilities to be in line with Pertamina's Digital Transformation programs. Where we also apply this to the roadmap for the development of Pertamina's fostered MSMEs. Starting from Go Modern, Go Digital, Go Online, and Go Global. "We will apply them to Pertamina's fostered partners," she explained.

Pertamina also congratulated the finalists of the Pertamina Youthpreneur program this time. Of the 278 registrants, they were selected to be 30 semifinalists and then narrowed to 15 finalists who have a big chance of becoming Pertamina's fostered partners with many advantages. Here are 15 finalists for Pertamina Youthprenenur 2020: Atourin (PT. Atourin Teknologi Nusantara), Bakoel Sehat, CALLISTA, Cooklab Indonesia, FRESIO, Oke Garden, Insan Cerdas,,, Machine Vision Indonesia, Mounev Indonesia, Pictafish, PROSPERO, Team Scrap Hero (SCRAPIRO), and UICreativenet.

Pertamina also cooperates with several parties in organizing this event. Among them are KUMPUL as a strategic partner. The startup participants are also a collaboration with BEKUP (Baparekraf for Startup) and the National 1000 Startup Digital Movement initiated by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information.

One of the finalists for Pertamina Youthpreneur 2020 is Yeremia Haryanto. The owner of the Mounev Indonesia startup, which is engaged in digital education platforms, expressed his appreciation after joining the Pertamina Youthpreneur program. "Within three days, we get solid and heavy material from general business knowledge to more private sessions with mentors. From here, our insights will be more open in running this startup," he said.

Fajriyah added, in line with the theme of Pertamina's 63rd Anniversary "Energizing You", the theme of this Pertamina Youthprenenur event was "Energizing Future Talent". It is expected to help small businesses become resilient and independent. It is a form of implementation of the Goal 8 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to support inclusive and sustainable economic growth and a full and productive workforce. "Where it is hoped that it can help people get jobs and encourage national economic growth," concluded Fajriyah.

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