Bravo Police! 49 Subsidized Fuel Misuse are Prosecuted Strictly

August 22, 2022 - PT Pertamina (Persero) appreciates the law enforcement officers, the Indonesian National Police (Polri), who continue to take action against subsidized fuel (BBM) misuse. In 2022, the National Police have taken action against 49 subsidized fuel misuse cases throughout Indonesia.

President Director of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati, said the actions taken by the National Police were a significant pillar to distribute subsidized fuel that was right on target to the public. Moreover, this subsidized fuel comes from the state budget.

"It should be noted that the budget for subsidies and energy compensation in 2022 reached more than IDR 500 trillion. It means there is state money and the rights of people entitled to enjoy fuel at affordable prices for the subsidized fuel that we distribute," Nicke said.

For this reason, Nicke appreciates the steps taken by the Police to continue to monitor and take action against subsidized fuel distribution misuse in the community. Until August 2022, it was recorded that the National Police had taken action on 49 subsidized fuel misuse cases.

"Pertamina is grateful and appreciative of the Police's responsive and precise performance in ensuring subsidized fuel distribution is right on target to people in need. This is a form of Pertamina and Polri's commitment to support and protect vulnerable people who should be able to enjoy subsidized fuel rights," said Nicke.

Nicke said that of the many subsidized fuel misuse cases, the most common fraud modes were hoarding and smuggling, buying in jerry cans without a permit for resale, and selling subsidized fuel to industry players. For this, Nicke emphasized that Pertamina will continue to coordinate with various parties to stop subsidized fuel distribution misuse.

“This supervision cannot be carried out alone by Pertamina. In addition to regulations, joint supervision is a way to anticipate the misuse re-occurrence so that subsidized fuel is distributed on target," said Nicke.

Nicke also emphasized that Pertamina would not tolerate petrol station personnel who opposed the law by smuggling subsidized fuel. Strict sanctions are ready to be given, such as fuel supply cessation to petrol stations closing if proven guilty.

"Every subsidized fuel misuse is a criminal act against the law, and the perpetrators will face law enforcement officers," said Nicke.

Previously, the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, in the 2022 Coordination Meeting for Sectoral Operations, said that the National Police, with other stakeholders, would conduct surveillance and take legal action if any irregularities were found.

“Efforts need to be made to monitor and take legal action if there are irregularities in distribution,” said Listyo.

Meanwhile, the Head of BPH Migas, Erika Retnowati, said that until May 2022, the subsidized fuel misuse volume had reached 257,455 liters. Of the total volume allegedly misappropriated, 231,455 liters were proven to met the criminal element.

For this reason, Pertamina always urges the Indonesian people to oversee and supervise the subsidized fuel distribution. If people find fraud indications, they can report it to the Police or Pertamina Call Center 135.**

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