Assisting Children's Education during the Pandemic, Pertamina – Polri – YKB Give 542 Laptop to 34 Province

Jakarta, October 10, 2020 - As a form of concern towards children's education during the pandemic, Pertamina with the National Police of Republic of Indonesia (Polri) and Yayasan Kemala Bhayangkari (YKB) give 542 laptops to school children in 34 provinces.

The assistance was handed over by President Director of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati, to the Head of the Trustees of the Yayasan Kemala Bhayangkari (YKB), Ny. Fitri Idham Aziz and witnessed by the Inspector General, Pol. Drs. H. Ahmad Dofiri, M.Si, as Assistant Logistics of the National Police and the Online Main Advisor of the Yayasan Kemala Bhayangkari on Friday (9/10). Also present on this occasion were Polri officials, Regional Police Heads (Kapolda), and Pertamina's Board of Directors.

President Director of Pertamina Nicke Widyawati said the Covid-19 pandemic had changed our lifestyle. In the new normal era, almost all of them are done from home, most of us work from home, our beloved children also study with a new method, namely school from home, but again, we must adapt to whatever conditions we are facing.

"Like with our children, we must support them to gain knowledge continuously as well as possible regardless of the conditions. Of course, this new normal condition must be challenging for some people because they have to meet the need for additional new teaching and learning activities for their children with gadget and internet network facilities, "said Nicke.

Nicke added, together with the Indonesian National Police through the Kemala Bhayangkari Foundation, that Pertamina is collaborating to help Indonesian children channel educational energy throughout the country to encourage the next generation to study during the pandemic.

"Educational assistance in the form of laptops to support the teaching and learning process during this pandemic is one of Pertamina Cares activities. It is following the pillars of Pertamina Smart and in order to support the government in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal - Goal 4, namely ensuring the quality of inclusive education," added Nicke.

According to Nicke, Pertamina and Polri have built a very good relationship so far. With the Pertamina-Polri MoU's existence, which is extended periodically, some time ago, a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) was also signed between Bareskrim and the National Police Headquarters PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional (KPI). During the pandemic, Pertamina also helped procure health equipment for 18 Polri Hospitals throughout Indonesia.

"Of course, we hope that these synergies will continue to run for the benefit of the Indonesian people," explained Nicke.

As a state-owned enterprise, Pertamina has a role as a development agent, maximizing profitability, providing public services, becoming a pioneer for new businesses, and supporting national companies' developments. On the other hand, the mandate of the Energy Law given to Pertamina is to ensure energy security through 4A + 1S, namely Availability, Accessibility, Affordability, Acceptability, and Sustainability.

"Of course, this big task and mandate cannot be achieved without good cooperation with all of our stakeholders. The National Police is a no exception, in terms of securing our operational activities and facilities, which are vital national objects located and spread throughout Indonesia," added Nicke.

Representing the Chief of Police, Inspector General Pol. Drs. H. Ahmad Dofiri, M.Si, said that he appreciated and thanked Pertamina for the assitance of 542 laptops through the Kemala Bhayangkari Foundation.

"This assistance is expected to be utilized, as well as possible. Supervision is also needed so that it is not misused. The National Police is ready to optimally support online learning during this pandemic, especially in the 707 Kemala Bhayangkari Foundation schools in Indonesia," he said.

He also advised us always to increase our faith and devotion to God and build optimism to get through this situation.

"Be an exemplary example by implementing Health Protocols in the family and community, do not forget to wash your hands, use a mask, keep your distance and have a clean and healthy lifestyle," he added.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Trustees of the Kemala Bhayangkari Foundation (YKB), Ny. Fitri Idham Aziz, expressed her pleasure for the assistance given by Pertamina. According to her, the assistance provided is beneficial for teachers in the context of digitizing education. It is beneficial because, during a pandemic, everything takes place online. With this assistance, Kemala Bhayangkari educators are expected to become reliable personnel.

"Thank you to Pertamina for always helping and this is not the first time. Previously there was PPE aid and assistance for marching band equipments and until now, it is still useful and used. We hope that this cooperation can continue in the future, "said Fitri.

Liliana, one recipient from Aceh, said that her duties and responsibilities as an educator at school had greatly reduced her duties and responsibilities with Pertamina's assistance.

"Initially, the use of laptops was mixed with administrative work. However, with this assistance, the laptop can be used for activities such as Zoom meetings. Hopefully, in the future, Pertamina and Polri will continue to prosper, and we can get more help," she said.

Wilhelmina, a recipient from Papua, expressed her gratitude for the laptop given to support learning activities at school online.**

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